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The Rocky Point Mermaid Market

Rocky Point is known as an accessible vacation spot for all. However, you don’t need to simply lay on the beach and drink Coronas (unless that’s your thing). All around the area are Rocky Point activities that are easy to get absorbed in, with one event in particular which is creating quite a draw.

Mermaid Market Makes Culture Fun

The Mermaid Market should be a staple of any Rocky Point goers visit; If you like art, food and drink, good vibes, and live music, this is the place to be. Running from October to May, it’s easy to stop in on either the first or third Saturday of the month and see what all the excitement is about in the Shrimp Plaza.

A derivative of a former farmers market, the creators of the Mermaid Market noticed a lack of farmers in the area and decided to redub their event “Mermaid Market” – after all, who knows what might wash up when you’re near the ocean!

The next upcoming Mermaid Market boasts music by both Destiny Dance Academy and The Black Moods. Pictures of past sessions show smiling faces gathered around art booths and visitors enjoying great-looking food. You can easily pick up a souvenir here or the perfect piece of art for your living room, not to mention have some great conversations with other fun-loving people.

Unique Events Abound

In addition to this, there are other ongoing events at Rocky Point that are easy to enjoy.  Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16th, and a fiesta is sure to ensue. No matter where you are, it will be easy to see the celebration and join in at your favorite local restaurant or beach shack.

Las Palomas Beach and Gold Resort offer fun for young and old alike. While you enjoy golfing, younger participants can climb rock walls or jump on bungee trampolines. Additionally, you can quickly rent a kayak or bookie board to take on the adjacent beach for some water fun. There’s even a shuttle here to take you across the waters to Bird Island if you feel like taking it easy.

FMI Rentals Makes Sure You Have a Good Time

It should be clear that Rocky Point has a great local scene. The Mermaid Market is a cultural center easy to enjoy. Not only that, but nearby are other great events where one never needs to wonder what to do next. Let this vacation be packed full of good times!