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Top 5 Spring Outdoor Activities in Rocky Point, Mexico

While the crisp, cold temperatures are keeping us indoors this winter season, it is easy to forget that spring is just around the corner. Rocky Point, Mexico is one of the top destinations for individuals looking to spice up their spring vacations. Whether you are a student in college looking to plan your next spring break or a parent scheduling a family vacation, these Rocky Point spring activities will keep you outside enjoying the perfect weather. Here are the top five spring outdoor activities to check out during your Rocky Point vacation!

Explore the Beautiful Beaches

Rocky Point is home to a vast coastline of beautiful beaches that are waiting for you to explore. After walking down the beach, head inland and check out the numerous hiking trails to get a better view of this beautiful community.

El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

When looking for a more exact hiking trail, check out the El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve that will allow you to see more than 200 volcanic craters. This historic location is where NASA performed moon-landing trials before making the legendary trip up to the moon.

Relax at Sea

Not only does Rocky Point offer some of the best beaches in the area, but crystal blue water that is perfect for boating, fishing, and snorkeling as well. Boat rentals are available for you to cruise during a picturesque sunset. Or grab your fishing pole and join the excursions down in ‘Old Port’ to catch your fish of the day. Finally, boat charters are available for a personal tour of the waters surrounding Rocky Point.

Resort-Style Golf Courses and Spas

Nothing says vacation like a day at the spa getting in massages, facials, and all of your relaxation needs. If a trip to the spa is not your thing, then check out one of the many golf courses in the area for a relaxing day on the greens. The temperature weather of Rocky Point makes any day in spring perfect for a full 18 hole round of golf!

Adventurous Nightlife and Restaurants

If you have not heard of exciting stories of spring break at Rocky Point, then you have not been paying attention. Rocky Point features a variety of nightlife venues, such as clubs, dance bars, and cantinas that will liven up your night with outdoor bars and views of the ocean. Before heading out for the evening, check out the numerous restaurants in the area serving up some of the best Mexican food you have ever experienced.

These top five spring outdoor activities will have you wishing you were in Rocky Point! Browse our Rocky Point cottages and book your stay with us today.