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Top Five Reasons You Should Be Vacationing in Rocky Point This Summer

Rocky Point, also known as Puerto Peñasco, is the time of year this quaint seaside village really comes to life. The sun shines brightly over vacationing tourists as they frolic in the waters of the Sea of Cortez, laughing happily as they drink in all that is Mexico. Yes, it can get hot, but if you stay beachside or poolside, the water will cool you and allow you to experience all that is Rocky Point without being too uncomfortable. An afternoon siesta serves two purposes: It keeps you out of the weather at the hottest part of the day and it refreshes you for a night of endless parties. Keep reading for a list of other reasons why you should be Be vacationing in Rocky Point.

The Shops

Shopping on vacation ranks up there in our top ten lists and Rocky Point’s “Shacks 5th Avenue” is probably one of our favorite shopping meccas! You can almost hear the sounds of old Western songs playing as you stroll the dusty streets bargaining with the local vendors (do NOT pay full price here!) in small store fronts that sell everything from sunglasses to sterling silver jewelry and high end art work. It’s a little difficult to find, but so worth the effort!

The Restaurants

First time Rocky Pointers, you are about to have the treat of a lifetime; authentic Mexican food tastes nothing like its poor American imitator versions! Spicy, colorful, and rich, Rocky Point restaurants serve only the best, and being near the beach, you are guaranteed that their seafood dishes (mariscos) will be a delicacy you will dream about long after you have returned to real life! Vacations are all about the food and your Mexican getaway will not be a disappointment!

The Parties and other Reasons Why You Should Be Vacationing in Rocky Point

Only in Rocky Point will you find waters this blue, sand that feels this silky between your toes, and a sun so brilliant you will want to trap it in a bottle so as to take it home with you and brighten the gloomy days of your hometown! Swim, fish, kite surf, even ride the banana boat as you laugh away your cares; spending time on these beaches will keep a permanent smile on your face!

The party never ends when you’re in Rocky Point. Spend your days exploring the town, relaxing on the beaches, and shopping till you drop, while you spend your nights kicking up your heels till the sun comes up again! Beach clubs, beach bars, and beach discothèques rule the nights and you’ll kick yourself if you miss a single minute of the party!

The Homes

There are many things that can turn a good vacation into an unforgettable one, and staying in an amazing beach side rental ranks right there at the top of that list! FMI Rentals offers the perfect complement to a perfect getaway: beachside homes and condos done right. Nothing ends a beautiful day better than a night spent sleeping peacefully in one of our FMI Rentals. Book your home today and let the fiestas begin!