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Top Local Rocky Point Beer

OK, so we all pretty much know that Mexican beers are the bomb! We seek them out even when we are back home in the States…Some favorites include Tecate, Modelo, and of course, Corona. Now, when you’re traveling down to Rocky Point, there’s a whole bunch of other brands of cerveza that you might want to try! And there are plenty of places that you can go to find some new favorite Rocky Point beer.

Colins Cantina

At Colins Cantina at the Princesa Resort, you can enjoy your beers on the gorgeous patio. Colin’s has been a perennial favorite for beer lovers, and recently announced additions to their beer line up with these local breweries:

The Cerveceria de Colima brewery offerings include:

Colimita — A German lager style brew

Paramo — A darker, higher alcohol content Pale Ale with hops and citrus flavors

Ticus — Enjoy notes of coffee and chocolate with this dark beer

Agua Mala brewery offers:

Astillero — This beer has a hoppy bitterness along with malty sweetness

Marea Roja — The name literally means “red tide” and is an amber beer with a fruity base note

Colin’s Cantina is actually the go-to spot for any beer lover visiting Rocky Point. You’ll find a huge beer list and can wile away the afternoon trying many different flavors.

Of course, there are plenty of other watering holes throughout the area, where you can get your fill of your favorite brews! You and your friends can check out places like Skullyz Cantina, the Boo Bar, and the Tekila Bar. Beer drinkers can get their drink on, while others can find local cocktail favorites to wet their whistles!

Wine and Beer Festival

El Tapeo plays host to the annual Wine and Craft Beer Festival each year, completely with tastings and live music. This is a wonderful way to discover new wine and craft beers from Mexico. It’s also a great time to enjoy the fall weather!

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Give us a call today to reserve your place and of course, ask us about our favorite places to find a Rocky Point beer or two!