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Top Reasons Why You Should Come to Rocky Point During the Fall Season

Whether you’ve visited the city of Rocky Point (or Puerto Peñasco in Spanish) one hundred times or you’ve yet to visit once, there’s nothing quite like going to the beach whenever it suits you, regardless of the time of year. In any other ocean locale, people would be less likely to go during the colder months of fall and winter, but Rocky Point is quite the exception to this rule.

Because it has beautiful weather all year long, a Rocky Point vacation is the best idea—particularly during the fall. Below, we’ve put together a brief list of the reasons why Rocky Point makes an excellent vacation destination for fall break. These aren’t the end-all and be-all of the reasons; they’re merely a few of the many aspects of Rocky Point that are particularly appealing during autumn.

The Weather is Perfect

As temperatures begin to dip elsewhere, not much changes in Rocky Point! It gets a little chilly at night, but the sun shines brightly during the day and the ocean remains the same as you’d find it in the summer: cool and refreshing.

The Beaches Are Less Crowded

It’s true that Rocky Point is not as commonly visited during the fall, but that just makes it better for avoiding crowds that you’d normally encounter during the warmer season, leaving you free to enjoy the beach at your leisure instead of fighting for space and wishing for an open, uninterrupted expanse of sand.

You’ll Encounter Less Traffic than During the Spring and Summer

Following the thought above, less people visiting also means that you’ll encounter much, much less of that infamous border traffic, which can sometimes tack on an extra hour to your trip if it’s bad enough. Have fun zipping right on through!

The Fish Are Biting

The fish are plentiful right before the winter season hits, making it the last opportunity to score that legendary catch! Species such as dolphin fish, dorado, flounder, grouper, sierra, and skipjack can all be caught during the fall.

There Are a Ton of Fun Events

Fall is when a lot of events are held in town, from the Dirty Beach Mud Run 5k (which also includes drinking beer and tequila at the stations throughout the race), Dia de Los Muertos, the annual Dia de Los Muertos volleyball tournament on Sandy Beach, and the annual Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally, which includes boxing matches, black jack tournaments, and live music.

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