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Fireworks exploding in the sky above New Year's in Rocky Point festivities

Top Reasons to Enjoy New Years in Rocky Point 2019

There are so many advantages to celebrating New Year’s in Rocky Point. Just think of adding an additional celebration to an existing vacation. Vacationing in Rocky Point is the ultimate getaway, so adding a New Year’s celebration to the mix is sure to create a lifetime of wonderful memories. Here are some reasons why you should consider spending New Year’s 2019 in Rocky Point.

New Year’s Under the Sun

For most people, New Year’s celebrations are festive but also held in cold weather. Millions of people flock to places like New York to stand outside to watch the ball drop in frigid temperatures. Some people want to enjoy the celebration but because of the cold weather they rather stay home. This doesn’t apply to a New Year’s holiday spent in Rocky Point. Think of bringing in the new year in front of beautiful sparkling water with the feel of warm sand under your feet as you feel a warm breeze caress your body while watching fireworks light up the star-filled sky. This is what a New Year’s celebration in Rocky Point has to offer you.

Affordable Vacation & New Year’s Celebration

Rocky Point is a very popular vacation destination especially during the warmer seasons. Did you know that if you spend New Year’s in Rocky Point you can enjoy both the New Year celebration and get an affordable vacation at the same time? It’s true. Vacationing in Rocky Point during the “off-season” allows you to get major discounts on everything from your flights to lodging. Spending New Year’s in Rocky Point is definitely something to consider if you are looking for an affordable vacation.

Special Events During New Year’s in Rocky Point

One of the best things about spending New Year’s in Rocky Point is getting to experience a New Year’s celebration in a different way. Of course, everyone across the world parties for the new year. However, Rocky Point offers its own special flavor to the New Year’s festivities. The beautiful local golf courses get in on the excitement of a new year by decorating the greens and hosting major events. The local bars and restaurants are abuzz with the electricity of people engaging and merrymaking as they bring a new year into being. Celebrating New Year’s in Rocky Point gives you the opportunity to experience a New Year’s celebration in a different environment and culture.

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