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Top Reasons to Visit Rocky Point for Halloween

Halloween is an American-style celebration of spooky fun and scary costumes. Kids go out trick-or-treating, and many go out in search of a scary haunted house attractions for some thrills. However, in Mexico, it is much more ingrained part of the local culture, as it is part of the Day of the Dead celebration. During this celebration, many go out and celebrate the family and friends who have passed away. While this may seem a bit macabre, Halloween in Mexico is not a somber holiday; rather, it is a time to celebrate and remember loved ones.

Celebrate in Rocky Point

La Día de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is actually an official holiday in Mexico. It is part of a three-day celebration. Halloween is part of the three days, but is a more lighthearted part. Throughout the celebration, you’ll see skeletons, sugar skulls, and colorful carnations, which are symbols meant to honor the dead, decorating the town. You’ll see many local homes decorated to honor the dead. If you have never experienced a Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, Rocky Point is definitely the place to delve into this look at the rich Mexican culture.

Party the Night Away in Rocky Point

Rocky Point is well known for its gorgeous sandy beaches and seemingly endless outdoor activities, but when it comes to celebrating Halloween, this is when the real fun starts—right after the sun goes down. Because Halloween does coincide with the traditional Day of the Dead, it is one of the busiest times of year at the bars and nightclubs.

Bring or create your best costumes and then join the fun at any number of establishments, including Wrecked at the Beach, Banditos, and Elixir—some of the favorite local nightlife spots. Many of the bars will be hosting costume contests and live music. You can also have a blast at a mini golf tournament at Islas Del Mar.

One thing is for sure: No matter how you choose to celebrate Halloween in Rocky Point, it will be fun and exciting! If you are visiting during this awesome holiday, ask one of our team members for their favorite activity or event, and then go out and join the fun!