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Top Restaurants in Rocky Point for Carryout

Are you looking for some great takeout while you’re on a trip to Rocky Point? Luckily for you, the options are only as limited as your imagination! No matter the time of day or what you’re craving, you can find exactly what you’re looking for, and with one call it’ll be ready for you to swoop in, pick it up, and take off again for more adventures. Check out these amazing restaurants in Rocky Point for carryout.

Coffee and Tea

If you need a great pick me up in the form of a shot of caffeine, check out Coffee Point, a small, local shop lauded as the best coffee shop south of the border! Coffee Point is loved for its variety of coffee offerings, both in flavors, in brewing method, and in milk choices. If you want a place that’s going to offer your coffee exactly how you like it, this is your stop. They also serve cakes and pastries, and have a small cafe upstairs called La Belle, known for its unforgettable breakfasts. Another place you can have a hearty snack with your specialty coffee is the Moonshadow Cafe. Here you can get great coffees, superb Chai Tea, and amazing food! The menu includes Empanadas, Gondola Pizzas, and classic breakfast plates. Definitely a can’t miss while you’re in Rocky Point!

Breakfast and Brunch

For some classic Mexican breakfasts, look up Cielito Lindo. The breakfast menu includes traditional dishes like Chicken Enfrijoladas, Chilaquiles and Cielito Molletes, and classic American choices such as pancakes, french toast, and an english muffin breakfast sandwich. Other tantalizing dishes include breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, veggie or protein omelets, and chipotle eggs Benedict. Max’s Restaurant and Bar is another great option for takeout breakfast. If you’re feeling something light and healthy, they have tropical and berry smoothies, or if you need some recovery help, try the Hangover Burrito or the Trash Can Burrito. They also offer all your classic American and Mexican style breakfasts, and their breakfast menu overlaps the lunch menu from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, so if your group is undecided, everyone can get just what they want! For an unexpected twist on breakfast, try an order from Kaffee Haus, a German style local hotspot! Get your order in early, as they open at 7:30 and just get busier as the morning goes along. Among the must try items – Apple Strudel, Granola Pancakes, Stuffed French Toast, and German Iced Coffee.


If you’re looking at Max’s for lunch as well, the options will amaze you. For some good old comfort food, try a Double Cheeseburger, Patty Melt or French Dip. They also have a Classic Reuben, Fish and Chips, Chicken Fingers, and Curly Fries, so if you’re craving American cuisine, they have you covered. But of course, you are in Rocky Point, and no restaurant here worth its salt doesn’t serve the proper amount of Mexican food as well. Their Mexican lunch menu includes fish, shrimp, beef and chicken tacos, tostadas, a super burrito, nachos, enchiladas and more! And if you’re fishing for seafood, try Aguachilie Monchis, where you will find arguably the greatest aguachilies in the area. They also have great oysters, tostilocos, and shrimp tacos. For Chinese takeout, try Sun Fat and enjoy some of the best Chinese food in Rocky Point, or if you’re looking for sushi, head to Restaurante Olas.

Time for Dinner

For a great dinner for the whole family, look up Pollo Lucas. You can order an entire chicken, their specialty, and homemade sides like rice, beans and tortillas. The chicken comes with salsa, marinated onions, cabbage and limes. And the price for this much delicious food cannot be beat! If you want a seafood place that’s a little off the beaten path and not too touristy, try El Compa Jr, where you can get seafood Molcajete, Tostadas and Tacos. For an excellent vegan dinner, Mariachis y Tequila has rave reviews of perfect veggie enchiladas and great knowledgeable staff! They also offer an abundance of classic Mexican dishes and have great chips, salsa, guacamole and nachos. Another great seafood spot here is El Buzo, with a menu featuring Tuna Steak, Ceviche, a Shrimp Burrito, Tamales, Shrimp and Scallop Tostadas, and Crab Enchiladas. If you’re looking for amazing, fresh Mexican seafood, this is a serious favorite.

Enjoy Your Rocky Point Vacation

Even though you probably have an amazing vacation rental home with a killer kitchen, we know you might not want to spend all of your hours in there cooking up every meal for the whole family! You’re on vacation, take a break from homemaking and order takeout from one of these amazing restaurants. Then you can sit back, kick up your feet, throw on a movie and enjoy your vacation in total relaxation mode. You’ll never go hungry here in Rocky Point! Click here to browse our stunning vacation rentals today!