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Top Snorkeling Spots in Rocky Point

There is so much to see and do during your south of the border expedition to Rocky Point, both on land and on sea, that you wonder how you are going to manage to get it all done in just one trip. From shopping expeditions to beach days, you know you’re going to be busy, but if you’re looking for that something extra, why not take a look UNDER the sea? There’s an entire world of beauty and color lying just below the waters, and if you don’t take at least a few hours to pop in and take a peek, you may just regret it forever! And no, we’re not talking about scuba diving, requiring PADI certification, training, and a mess of confusing equipment. What we have in mind is a lot simpler and just as impressive: We’re talking about snorkeling, of course, and this guide to the top snorkeling spots in Rocky Point will help you see it all without wasting time on spots less worthy!

Straight from the Rocky Point Beach

Although there are a lot of charters that will take you snorkeling out in the deeper waters, in a world of social distancing, you may prefer to just take off from the beach by yourself. All you need for a perfect day of snorkeling is flippers, a mask, snorkeling tube, waterproof sunscreen, and of course, a spot filled with beauty! Tucson Beach offers the perfect place, allowing you to walk to water’s edge, slip on your flippers, and gracefully glide away to explore the marine life that make their homes in this part of the Sea of Cortez.

Home to More Than Just Birds

Bird Island, also known as Isla San Jorge, isn’t inhabited by people but it is truly a wildlife lover’s paradise. On shore and in the air you will find a varied selection of birds and hear the noisy cacophony of happy Sea Lions and seals playing in the surf. And in the waters that surround this rocky formation? An undersea world of beauty opens up before you, filled with fish of all types, beautiful coral formations, and of course, a curious sea lion or seal! The latter creatures are friendly, but it is best to keep a little social distance between you and them!

Lookout for Fun

Play Mirador (which can be translated to Lookout Beach) is another popular snorkeling spot, offering clear waters that are warm and inviting, and lots of rocky formations that provide great hiding spots for the shyer water creatures! Located right off Manny’s Beach Club, you can spend a few hours snorkeling and then head to your favorite seat at Manny’s for an evening of drinks, food, and fun. This Puerto Peñasco escape keeps getting more interesting, by the minute, don’t you think?

Deep Waters Provide More Interest

Until now, we have mostly been providing information about snorkeling areas that you can explore from the beaches closest to your FMI Rentals summer escape, but what if you are seeking a more exciting adventure? What if you want to get out where the big fish roam to truly have something to brag about to all your friends back home? Well, you can rent a boat from many of the boat rental places in the area, but a snorkeling tour done on a charter is probably your safest option, and these places know where all the best spots in the water are hidden!

Del Mar Charters is the first place on our list, offering snorkeling lessons and a variety of snorkeling adventures, including a visit to Bird Island. Sonoran Scuba is another favorite snorkeling company, as it offers classes for the younger members of your traveling party. Teaching a child the basics of “breathing” underwater and making it fun while doing so is a talent not many companies excel at, and we are thankful that Sonoran Scuba is the exception to the rule! They can be reached by calling 602-445-6382 ext 2100, or if you waited until you arrived in Rocky Point to make your decision to snorkel, 638-382-8251.

Rules for the Adventure

Whether you choose to snorkel on your own or take advantage of the tours being offered by a professional company, your safety is of utmost importance to us, and we would like to share a few “rules” with you! Checking the tide levels—Rocky Point tides rise and fall every 6 hours—can ensure your excursion is safe and fun and that you will be able to see clearly as you swim about. Choosing the wrong time can lead to murky waters with low visibility; the best times to snorkel will be at high tide, during incoming tide, and one hour before the tide makes its way out again! Another thing to watch out for is the sun. The Mexican sun can be devastating to skin unused to the strength of its rays, so be sure to apply (and reapply!) a waterproof sunscreen to your back, shoulders, neck, and legs—all the parts that will be facing the sun while you’re examining the sea bottom!

Your Vacation Home Dream Come True

Coming home to the comfort and luxury of your FMI Rentals vacation escape may end up being the highlight of an already excellent vacation. Reserve yours today!