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Enjoy Rocky Point tours on your next vacation!

Top Tours to Experience in Rocky Point

As you begin to plan your unforgettable vacation south of the border in Rocky Point, your first steps—choosing location, booking plane tickets, and of course, picking FMI Rentals for your accommodations—may seem like the easiest part of your getaway. You have never been further south than Georgia or Texas, and although you know that a large portion of your vacation minutes will be spent drinking tequila and hanging out at the beach, what else do you really know about Puerto Peñasco? Fortunately, when you choose FMI Rentals for your vacation escape, you get more than just a place to stay; you get a vacation guide that helps you find your way around town, including this guide to the top Rocky Point tours you can experience during your Rocky Point adventures!

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See the Beach from a Different Angle

You have seen it in the movies and wondered about it in your daydreams, and now is the time to make it a realty as you take a horseback tour of the beach at sunset! El Establo Ranch offers tours throughout the day, but if you really want to do something extraordinary, the sunset tours are unforgettable. Watching the sun explode in the sky with a kaleidoscope of colors before melting into the sea while you and your gentle steed are plodding along the sand may not change your life, but it will change the way you remember your time in paradise forever.

Rocky Point Tours For the Birds

A tour of Bird Island is another popular activity for visitors from the north, and Eco Fun Adventures takes you above and below the waters to ensure that you get to know this uninhabited island very well. Protected from mankind’s tendency to destroy what we love most, Bird Island—whose proper name is Isla San Jorge—is home to a variety of wildlife, not just the birds for which it is nicknamed. Seals and sea lions have developed quite a population here, and although we are not permitted to land on the island itself, the conditions for snorkeling are absolutely perfect, and Eco Fun Adventures includes snorkeling gear as part of the trip!

Flying High

Sometimes the best way to see the beauty of the land is from above, and when you sign up for a zip line adventure with Rocky Point Zip Lines, you will understand what we are saying! While not exactly a tour, as you fly for over 2000 feet over sea and sand, a sense of peace will coexist with the exhilaration you feel exploring the landscape while attached to a thin cable. Watch how desert landscape turns lush and green before fading into a watery seascape as the wind whips through your hair and the trees blur before your eyes. This tour over Rocky Point guided by a zipline will be more fun than you can even imagine!

Sips to Savor

One of our favorite tours only takes you to one place, the Tequila Factory, located right here in Rocky Point! Tequila may not be the official drink of Mexico—as a matter of fact we are not even sure if Mexico HAS an official drink—but this is one drink of which we can never get enough. Take a tour of the factory, sipping your way through the different flavors of this 100% agave beverage, and fall in love. Their Rocky Point Sunset is one of the most popular drinks on the Sea of Cortez, and it will just take one sip for you to learn why!

To the Moon!

Well, not exactly the moon, but when you visit Rocky Point, a tour of El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve is as close as you might ever get! Made up of over 400 cinder cones, the area is dormant now; the last eruption took place over three or four million years ago, so consider yourself safe as you participate in a self-guided tour of the reserve. Maps and pamphlets are available from the rangers that work in the park, but you cannot get water here, so be sure to bring your own. Feel like you need more interesting information about El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve so as to encourage you to explore it during your stay? From 1965 until 1970, the Reserve was used as training grounds for astronauts preparing to walk on the moon, (including those from the 1970 Apollo 14 mission) as the landscape was as close to the moonscape as could be found here on Earth. This desert area can get pretty warm and the sun can burn unsuspecting visitors to a crisp, so in addition to bringing water, be sure to bring and use your sunscreen!

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Back to Earth with FMI Rentals

When you finish with your daytime adventures in Rocky Point, coming back to earth in the comfort of our FMI vacation escapes will be the highlight of your getaway. Reserve yours today!