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Totoaba: Giant of the Upper Gulf of California

Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, or “Rocky Point” boasts a culture that has thrived next to the sea. From catching fish to protecting species of fish, this city always has and always will have a strong connection with the ocean and its inhabitants. This connection is embodied by a new exhibit that is now calling the Galeria de Artes Municipal home in Old Port. The exhibit is called “Totoaba: Giant of the Upper Gulf of California” or “Totoaba: Gigante del alto golfo de California.” Here is what you should know about this Rocky Point event.

What Is the Exhibit All About?

The exhibit is educational in nature and it is aimed at spreading awareness so people can take action in protecting a beloved species of fish that calls the Gulf of California home. The Totoaba is a beautiful fish that was once abundant in the area but has since become rather rare. These amazing creatures can grow up 2 meters long and over 100 kg in mass. That is one big fish! The fish population is at all time low due to the incredible amount of Totoaba that have been caught. It is an incredible exhibit where you can learn about the biology and lives of these awesome creatures and learn how they are linked with the communities around the Gulf.

Why Should You Visit?

The UABC Vice Dean explains, “The exhibit is being done as the Totoaba is a species that is threatened by opportunism and organized crime. The primary goal is to provide awareness as to its history and make people aware of the importance of this species, which is endemic to the Upper Gulf of California.” This is obviously something that is near and dear to the hearts of many community members in the area. It is a breathtaking exhibit that is not only educating, but empowering. By visiting the exhibit, you have the unique opportunity to join many voices in the community in taking a stand for these amazing fish.

The exhibit opened at the Galeria de Artes Municipal in Old Port on Monday, October 31st 2016 and it will be available through January 15th. The cutting of the ribbon for the exhibit was quite the affair, with the Mayor and invited guests in attendance. Make sure you check out this amazing exhibit the next time you are in Puerto Peñasco. You surely won’t forget the great Totoaba!