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Tourist Welfare And Peace Of Mind Is Top Priority in Rocky Point


Though Mexico gets thousands of tourists every year, it’s common for people to continue to wonder if the country is really safe to visit. Of course, the answer will probably vary depending on who you talk to, but those really interested in a Mexican getaway shouldn’t allow themselves to be dissuaded. Instead, do some research on the area in question to really learn about the culture and its tourism safety.

One popular vacation destination in particular, Puerto Peñasco, is doing everything they can to put travelers’ minds at ease. This fishing village on the Sea of Cortez is also well-known to locals and the numerous southwest United States residents that frequently drive right across the border to enjoy the white sands and aqua blue waters by its nickname in translation, Rocky Point.

Just in time for spring breakers and other visitors to start filling the streets and beaches with excitement, Rocky Point community leaders have initiated a new program, referred to as the Tourist Assistance Unit, meant to keep vacationers safe and informed. It is also the intent of this safety initiative to let it be known how much the thriving tourism industry is valued in the small town, no matter the season.

What is the Tourist Assistance Unit?

The Tourist Assistance Unit is comprised of a total of 20 bilingual, gender-diverse people, with four of them being women and 16 being men. Patrolling the beaches and other areas of town, these sworn-in unit members will be able to offer Rocky Point tourists quite a bit of knowledge on the history of the village, directions, and recommendations for their stay, as well as safety defense and first aid services if needed.

The men and women of the Tourist Assistance Unit will be in uniforms that consist of white shirts that say Auxiliar Turistico on the back, khaki pants, and safari hats, making them quickly recognizable as they keep watch on foot, bikes, and quads. The unit will be dispersed throughout the town, helping visitors, residents, and the local police wherever they can.

Safety Tips to Travel By

As with any travel destination, it’s best for tourists to keep these common sense safety tips in mind at all times while in Rocky Point to avoid any problems. Refrain from allowing any strangers into hotel rooms or vacation rentals, and don’t go off anywhere alone. Keep doors and windows locked, put valuables somewhere out of sight when venturing away from home base, and strictly obey all traffic laws.

With safety always being on the mind of travelers, Rocky Point is using this program as the first step of many to show the world it is not only a safe place to visit, but also a top resort destination.