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Unique Sightseeing Locales in Rocky Point

In your search for the ultimate Rocky Point vacation, it’s likely that you’ll come across many guides repeating the same advice over and over—the same places, the same activities, the same restaurants, and so on. And while oftentimes it’s worth it to check out the activities and attractions that these guides list, if you want a Rocky Point experience that’s more unique, you may have to look a little further outside of the box.

With this in mind, FMI Rentals presents a brief compilation of just a few of our favorite sightseeing places that are out of the ordinary lineup of your typical Rocky Point itinerary. We hope that you enjoy these distinctly beautiful and fascinating spots as much as we do!

Estero Morua (Morua Estuary)

Fifteen minutes southeast of town, you’ll find Estero Morua, an estuary that is famous for its sustainably bred organic oysters, raised on the Punta Roja Farm. Bird watching is another popular activity here, as there are upwards of one hundred and forty species here, a number of which are protected by the federal government.

Isla San Jorge (Bird Island)

Speaking of birds, it’s only fitting to include Isla San Jorge, commonly known as Bird Island. Here, birds and other creatures, including sea lions and additional marine life forms, can be found in abundance. Depending on when you visit, there are also migratory dolphins and several types of whales.

El Pinacate Volcano

Tucked within the Gran Desierto de Altar, El Pinacate Volcano is part of the Santa Clara volcanic system. A gorgeous and unexpected sight, El Pinacate is well worth the trip, including the surrounding craters of El Elegante, MacDougal, Sykes, and Cerro Colorado.

Rocky Point from Above

Ultralight flights give you a bird’s eye perspective of this colorful coastal town, all for a price around fifty dollars. Flights normally last between ten to fifteen minutes, and are usually available through many of the area’s charter providers.

Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve

Encompassing an extraordinary region of the Sonoran Desert, this reserve is dedicated to exploring an exclusive habitat that exists nowhere else in the world. Its vast boundaries house botanical gardens, immense sand dunes, a living pond with endangered fish, and a massive whale skeleton.

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