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Visit the Rocky Point Oyster Farms and More!

Oyster Farm- Rocky PointA great activity when visiting Rocky Point is to make a trip to La Ostionera, the Rocky Point Oyster Farms.

The farms are natural farms where oysters come fresh out of the sea. Thousands of visitors who appreciate not only the gorgeous scenery, but the flavors of fresh oysters taken from the ocean and sent straight to the table visit this destination. Add a dash of hot sauce and enjoy this fresh bounty of the oceans. You can also enjoy tostadas de ceviche. These tostadas are a fresh corn tortilla with fish and vegetables marinated in lemon. There are also plenty of other tasty offerings from this area.

The Rocky Point Oyster farm is a short seven miles from the city to the road to Caborca by Las Conchas. Here you will find the road to the oyster farm. This road can be accessed by most types of vehicles; however, care should be taken if you are driving a smaller vehicle.

In the area, you will find three different oyster farms, with the most visited one being run by 16 members of a family. This particular farm serves visitors traditional dishes of the sea on weekends. You’ll enjoy the fresh oysters and other seafood that is fresh and delicious.

Other Rocky Point Attractions

If you want other fresh seafood offerings, check out the Rocky Point Old Port Fish Market. Here you will find all sorts of seafood. Depending on the season, you’ll find everything from shrimp and oysters, to the fresh catch of the day. Grab the daily special, bring it home and grill it up.

After you have enjoyed your fill of Rocky Point oysters and seafood, there are plenty of other great attractions in the area. For instance, check out Manny’s Tequila Factory where you’ll find many flavors of locally produced tequila. Enjoy peach or almond favored tequila as well as the Blanco Manny’s Beach Club tequila. The factory offers free taste tests, a gift shop and plenty of tequila to bring home.

After you have enjoyed some of the best local flavors, take a stroll on one of the gorgeous beaches such as Playa Hermosa Beach or Sandy Beach. You can take a relaxing walk along these shores and enjoy the tide pools. Of course, sunset is a great time to truly enjoy the views of this wonderful area.