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enjoy water Rocky Point activities like kite boarding on your next vacation

Water Rocky Point Activities to Enjoy on Your Next Vacation

Our annual vacation is something we look forward to the entire year, and when you choose a beach side vacation, it’s one you never want to end—especially when you spread your wings and take a little journey south of the border to Rocky Point, Mexico! Offering long lazy days of sunshine and surf, the laid-back vibe of our favorite seaside village will welcome you and make you wish this vacation could last forever. And because we want our guests to be happy and entertained, we’ve created this guide to the water Rocky Point activities you can enjoy during your stay, ensuring that every minute of your getaway will be filled with fun and excitement.

Go Fly a Kite

In this case, go RIDE a kite! Kitesurfing is a trend we love, and when you find yourself skimming across the waters strapped to a colorful kite with a surf-style board on your feet, we think you’ll agree that this sport is number one! Rocky Point Kitesurfing offers rental equipment and lessons, ensuring your aqua adventures will be exciting and safe.

Romance on the Seas

A Rocky Point sunset is something you will never get enough of and when you add a romantic catamaran cruise from Del Mar Charters, it’s even better! Sunset cruises last about an hour and only cost $35 for adults and $20 for children, assuming you want to bring your children along on your evening of love and romance. And as you sail over the Sea of Cortez, it’s not just the sun you’ll be watching; chances are you may even spot a playful group of dolphins swimming alongside the 42-foot catamaran you’ve chosen for this quiet adventure!

Quieter Adventures

Not all water activities have to be daredevil events; sometimes the quieter moments will be the ones that take your breath away and linger in your heart for years to come. Kayaking through the waters of the Sea of Cortez is one such adventure offering peace, solitude, and a whole lot of vitamin D as you soak in the sun! Kayaks can be rented at many of the little beach shops you’ll find along the way, or if you happen to live within driving distance, feel free to bring your own!

Catch of the Day With These Waterbound Rocky Point activities

Have you ever noticed just how delicious the catch of the day tastes at your favorite restaurant? Well, when your journey takes you to Rocky Point, we can promise the catch of the day will taste even better because it will be your catch that you’ve grilled up outside our FMI Rentals vacation escapes! Charter a trip through Federico’s Fishing Charters or simply drop a line at shore’s edge; this water activity never fails to provide hours of enjoyment!

At Peace with the World Under the Sea

One of our favorite water activities is a simple sport that requires very little in the way of special equipment, making it easy and inexpensive! We’re talking about snorkeling, of course, an activity that only requires a face mask and breathing tube, flippers, and a water source. Spending your hours swimming on top of the sea exploring the underwater flora and fauna is a fascinating, and peaceful, activity that will bring happiness to all who try. Underwater cameras can be purchased at most drug stores, allowing snorkelers to document their adventures for later perusal. Sonoran Scuba offers classes and gear and all the information needed to determine the best times and places to do your thing.

Scuba Diving

When you want to dive a little deeper into the undersea world, literally, planning a visit to Rocky Point Scuba Dive is exactly what the Scuba Diver doctor ordered! Offering lessons, certification classes, and dive tours that will take you to the most exciting spots under the Sea of Cortez. These dive tours can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on which trip fits your needs and your budget best; their 7-day trip costs about $1500 per person, but the sights you will see will quite possibly change your life!

Poolside at Your FMI Rentals Vacation Escape

Even on those days you’re feeling a little lazy (something we encourage!), it doesn’t mean you have to stay on land! Many of our rentals are either located right on the water or have private or community pools for you to enjoy during your stay. Chill out by the pool with your favorite tropical drink in hand, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be driving anywhere later, so yes, having a second margarita is an excellent idea! Afternoon naps under beach umbrellas following morning hijinks that include cannonballs into the pool are highly recommended; just remember to find a quiet spot out of the sun or risk becoming a human lobster. And at the end of every day, no matter how you spent the daylight hours, spending your nights comfortably ensconced in one of our seaside escapes promises to be the best part of your getaway. Reserve yours today!