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Whale Watching in Rocky Point

Many might think that winter is not the perfect time to consider making a trip down to Rocky Point. However, you will be surprised by the wonders this time of year gives this vacation destination. Not only can you enjoy weather in the 70-degree range, but you can partake in one of the area’s greatest winter pastimes: whale watching in Rocky Point! These lovable aquatic giants are a spectacle to behold whether it is your first time whale watching or your 10th time. Each experience is one to remember and will make your Rocky Point trip all the more enjoyable.

Winter is When the Whales Arrive

Whales spend the winter months searching for food and raising their young, and this brings them near Rocky Point’s shores. Rocky Point has seen an increase in the amount of whale cruises that specifically aim to enjoy these winter-visiting creatures when they are in the Sea of Cortez. Each time you visit these gentle giants, you will know you have just witnessed an incredible display of nature.

While many of the local “sea captains” track down these traveling whales, Captain “whale-whisperer” Oscar Preciado of Del Mar Charters has discovered through personal logs that the whales tend to be in the area around mid-February. Generally, two types of whales visit these waters: the fin whale, the second largest whale in the world, and humpback whales, the fifth largest whales, commonly identified by their trademark hump. These whales frequent the Rocky Point waters to feed on tiny plankton, one of the smallest of all water-dwelling species. As the months pass, the whales will travel up north along the coastline to the colder waters of California and Oregon.

The main draw to whale watching is seeing them breach the water creating a massive spectacle of water raining into the air. This breaching is due to male whales looking to attract females by showing off their genes. Whales are typically skittish creatures and will typically on slap the water with their tails when they are younger. Whale watching tours ensure follow important guidelines to protect the whales by not letting anyone touch them or get too close.

Plan Whale Watching in Rocky Point Mexico

With mid-February just around the corner, it is time to start planning your Rocky Point vacation to see these aquatic wonders. Explore the many tour operators in the area, such as Captain Oscar and more, and book a stay in one of our amazing vacation property rentals for whale watching in Mexico.