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Rocky Point Getaway

What Makes a Rocky Point Getaway Great for the Holidays?

Rocky Point has gained somewhat of a reputation as a Spring Break destination, and that’s simply because of what wild fun it is to go on a Rocky Point getaway. The fun here remains at peak levels year-round, whether you’re spending the coming holiday with friends or family or just one special someone.

The Wonders of the Sea

The defining feature of Rocky Point is the Sea of Cortez, an inlet from the Pacific Ocean which divides Mexico from Baja California. The beaches here are beautiful and plentiful, and never too crowded too enjoy, despite Rocky Point’s popularity. You’ll find beaches with calm waters safe for kids to play in, and beaches with exciting waves more suitable for water sports. Go fishing, rent a boat or a kayak, and if you want a memory that will last a lifetime, try parasailing!

Fantastic Food and Cultural Immersion

There’s no shortage of great food here in Rocky Point. At every corner, you’ll find fresh seafood and homecooked meals that smell so good your stomach will be growling from a block away. Grab mangoes-on-a-stick from vendors at the beach while you lounge by the waves, enjoying the sounds of the sea. You’ll find vendors that will braid your hair on the beach too! Explore areas such as Cholla Mall to find yourself totally immersed in the culture. This is a great place to pick up souvenirs, while away the afternoon, and find mouthwatering local cuisine.

Endless Adventure During Your Rocky Point Getaway

Rocky Point continues to grow and only gets more beautiful and more fun each year. Even so, it’s still a little smaller and cheaper than many other coastal towns in Mexico, which makes it a prime option for an unforgettable vacation. You’ll never run out of things to do here, whether you want to spend all your time at the seaside, or you want to venture into the city and explore the shops and restaurants. If you’d really like to get the full rounded Rocky Point experience, go and try some of the wilder attractions in Rocky Point, like ziplining, horseback riding, ATV rental, or even exploring the volcanic craters at the World Heritage Site.

Somewhere Lovely to Stay

The absolute best part about coming to stay in Rocky Point will be the thrill you get when you first see your FMI rental home. You’ll think, “How lucky am I to be staying in such a lovely place in one of the most beautiful seaside locations in the world?” Contact us today and we’ll help you get started on making that dream of a Rocky Point getaway a reality!