After a relaxing day, the sun sets tranquilly into the Sea of Cortez, casting the sky in splendid pinks and oranges before disappearing until dawn. But when the sun goes to bed, much of the activity in Rocky Point is just getting started! If you’re someone who loves to go out and enjoy a good beer with some good friends, Rocky Point is the perfect place for you. Here’s a taste of some of our favorite breweries and bars in Rocky Point, Mexico:

J.J’s Cantina

J.J.’s boasts that, “If you haven’t been to JJ’s, you haven’t been to Rocky Point, Mexico.” They’re a staple of a good time out and have been in business for a generation. The restaurant has hosted all sorts of events, from fishing derbies to chili cook-offs, and their menu is likewise varied, offering both the iconic Mexican taco and burrito to the iconic American hamburger and hot dog. J.J.’s includes TVs and pool tables for your and your friends’ entertainment. J.J.’s is so inviting, their website even links to a page where you can see the best time to cross the border!


Boobar is another one of Rocky Point’s bars that capitalizes on the gorgeous ocean views offered here. It’s easily found right at the end of Federal Highway 8, so why not stop by and relax on your way in if you’re arriving late? They offer live music and a welcoming atmosphere. Their menu includes beer, certainly, but also some specialty mixed drinks, plus tacos and burgers to complement your drink. It’s a great place for Americans on vacation—their menu is even listed in dollars!

Pink Cadillac

Pink Cadillac is most memorable for its atmosphere—as the name implies, it’s a bar inspired by 1950s America, back when flashy U.S. models like the pink Cadillac were all the rage. But it offers plenty more—they’ve got an upstairs dance club where you can really cut loose, and even have a swim-up bar for fun and relaxation. Equipped with TVs, you can also stay up to date with your favorite sports as you enjoy your drink. The happening bar/restaurant is south of Fremont Boulevard, right across the street from the ocean.


If you want to nightclub feeling, head to Elixir. If you really want to grab a drink and cut loose, head here and hit the dance floor, with electronic dance music keeping the beat thumping. Check out their schedule and see when you might catch a live band performing!

Well, now that you have some options to think about you won’t have to worry about how to make the most out of your vacation. Next time you’re in town, stop by one of these fantastic bars in Rocky Point, Mexico and don’t forget to book yourself one of our vacation rentals!