Take a Tour to Isla San Jorge

Are you dreaming of a fun-filled tropical escape? Learn about Bird Island, or Isla San Jorge, which is a wonderland for beach enthusiasts. There, exotic species of birds and fauna chirp and blossom against crystal-clear seas, and warm, fresh air.

The islands are a cluster of numerous rocky formations or islands out in the sea. They’re just shy of 30 miles from Puerto Penasco’s shorelines. The time it takes to get there by boat is roughly sixty minutes.

What to Do

Watersports are a must-do activity on Bird Island. Grab a tour guide, and go snorkeling or scuba diving with a certified specialist.

What to See

  • Sightsee – Bird Island, as the name suggests, is where birds like marine swallows or blue footed boobies flock. There are also sea lions of varied species, who will pleasantly welcome visitors, or shy away based on their mood. There are literally thousands of birds and sea lions that call this place home.
  • Dolphin Watch – friendly dolphins swim along charters, greeting eager visitors. What fun!
  • Whale Watching – pull up a front row seat, and watch nature put on a dramatic display of Whales migrating to warmer shores. These include Killer Whales if you dare. Get out of the box, and see a real-life performance. October to April are ideal months for whale viewing.

The Bird Islands’ beauty is preserved thanks to its Federal Zone classification, which dates back to 1978. This is because the islands provide a safe haven for some of the wildlife to be seen, but not disturbed.

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  • A passport is needed to travel to Mexico from the United States.
  • Visitors should approach certain colonies of sea lions with care, given that their behavior can quickly turn hostile, especially when they feel threatened. Barking is a warning sign of aggression, and this usually stems from parents being protective of their young.
  • Hiring a tour guide is one safe way to travel and sightsee, due to the guides’ training and familiarity with the landscapes.
  • Visitors will not be allowed on the islands themselves, due to the Federal Zone in effect.


Tour or charter prices vary, and most will structure their fees per day, and by visitor or group. Some charters will furthermore feature complimentary snacks, juices and lunch. Many tours are moreover family-friendly, so the whole gang can come along.

Search for charter companies online, and don’t miss out on this wild adventure. Contact us today for more information and book your vacation rental today!

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