Located on the northern coast of the state of Sonora, the San Jorge Islands and Bay are a great spot to enjoy the wonders of the ocean and surrounding beaches. This bay and set of islands are located in the Gulf of California and sit between Caborca and Puerto Peñasco.

This scenic bay is the perfect place to enjoy your vacation time. The waters of the bay are crystal clear and feature thousands of different fish and sea creatures. You can enjoy the views of the ocean from a number of different beaches and really absorb the beautiful weather that Rocky Point is known for. The Bay offers a unique set of islands that you can visit, Isla San Jorge, but please research these locations first as they are protected by Mexican law.

Area Info & Wildlife

In 1978, the national government of Mexico enacted Area Federal Reserve status to the Isla San Jorge Puerto Peñasco area because of its important biological significance as the home and mating ground to migratory birds. It is considered a priority for conservation according to the government due to its importance as the habitat for Sterna Antillarum and important colonies of Sula Leucogaster that nest in the area.

The Isla San Jorge also features a prominent sandbar off the coast that is home to a really interesting area. This sandbar is a popular breeding ground for sea lions. During various times of the year, thousands of sea lions flock to the warm waters of the bay to participate in their mating season. Tourists can observe the lions during this amazing season and see their full circle of life.

Along with the view of wildlife, the San Jorge Islands are a popular fishing location as well. The waters have a diverse set of fish and different sea creatures that make it a perfect spot for sport deep sea fishing. Due to the diversity of the water, divers also flock to these waters. The island formations create lots of coves, coral reefs and dive locations that are truly unique to these coastal waters.

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