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Rocky Point bars

Where to Find the Best Rocky Point Bars & Handcrafted Cocktails

Rocky Point has a reputation as a seaside party town, and for good reason. We know how to celebrate life here! Whether you’re coming here to party, or you’re just coming to lie around on the beach all day and soak up some sun rays, you’ll get to benefit from the culture through one of our favorite things: Rocky Point bars & handcrafted cocktails.

BooBar Cantina

This is one of the most popular bars in all of Rocky Point. This is the place to be if you want to go out dancing, if you want some hearty Mexican food, and if you want a good drink in one hand while you have a good time. They serve the classics here with their own BooBar twist, like the Tequila Sunrise, the Boo Bloody Mary, and the Piña Colada. The Salty Dog is particularly good too (made with vodka, grapefruit juice, and served on the rocks with a salted rim), and it really packs a punch. They also serve shrimp cocktails here, which aren’t quite the same as these other cocktails of course but are satiating nonetheless! You don’t want to leave Rocky Point without treating yourself to at least one shrimp cocktail. It’s a quintessential part of the experience.

The Point

This establishment is a hard-set favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. The Point is a beautiful Mexican style building with an even more beautiful view. You have to walk across a little wooden walkway over the water just to get to it where it rests on sturdy stilts out over the surface of the Sea of Cortez. Every table here has an ocean view, so you’ll get to watch the waves as you chow down on delicious Mexican food and sip on cocktails. The margaritas here are to-die-for. Personally, we recommend The Point as your first stop in as you arrive and the last stop out as you prepare to leave town at the end of your Rocky Point vacation. There’s just something about it that captures the spirit of Rocky Point, all in one little margarita glass. Don’t miss out on it!

Cheers from FMI Rentals!

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