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image of two tacos filled with fresh ingredients in rocky point

Where to Find the Most Authentic Mexican Food in Rocky Point

For all you lovers of Mexican food out there, you’re heading on vacation to the right place! In the heart of Mexico on the sandy shores of Rocky Point, you’ll be up to your ears in delicious Mexican cuisine, with everything at your fingertips from street tacos to fine dining. Visit the options below for incredible Mexican food in Rocky Point and you won’t be disappointed!

Lolita Seafood

Lolita is one of the best places to grab some good old-fashioned Mexican seafood here in Rocky Point. Try the Pescado al Mojo de Ajo (fish with garlic sauce), or maybe the Camarones al Coco (coconut shrimp). Everything here has a classic Mexican taste to it, while also reaching for island flavors. It’s delightfully innovative, and we love it.

Pollos Lucas

Pollos Lucas radiates a friendly and homely atmosphere, and the outdoor seating area is spacious and quaint all at once. The tortillas here are absolutely to die for, and you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Taquería Los Poblanos

Street tacos are everyone’s favorite, and at Taquería Los Poblanos, you’re getting the best! With generous helpings of meat, freshmade guacamole, grilled ingredients and more, anything you get here is a surefire win.

Inland Street Vendors

Don’t Forget, You’re in Mexico! Of course, it seems like a no brainer, right? But if you’re coming to Mexico from elsewhere, it can be a bit of a culture shock. In many ways, Rocky Point is geared towards tourists, and thus it tends to feel Americanized in the heavy traffic areas closest to the sea. So truly, the farther you go off the beaten path, the more ‘authentic’ the Mexican food will be. The smallest establishments (the food carts, the mom and pop shops, and the roadside vendors) are where you’ll find the hidden gem Mexican food. These hole-in-the-wall, mom and pop shops are the places filled with generations of love for cooking, and with a world of culture packed into every bite. If you want Mexican food that hasn’t been watered down for tourist consumption, you’ll want to explore your dining options further into the city beyond the shoreline. Try this out on a day when you have other activities in mind than beach days, such as riding ATVs out on the desert hills, or heading to explore the World Heritage Site, El Pinacate.

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