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Two people, one running and one on a bike, with american flags trailing behind them by a beach during a rocky point 4th of july

Where to Watch Rocky Point 4th of July Fireworks

Just because you are out of the country does not mean you have to miss out on an exciting evening watching 4th of July fireworks! Rocky Point caters to its visitors and understands that the many tourists visiting would love to still participate in the 4th of July festivities. The celebration of our nation’s founding is one of highlights of any summer vacation and should not be missed. Here are the best spots for you to catch the Rocky Point 4th of July fireworks this year.

Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort

Each year the night sky is decorated in a colorful display of fireworks at the Las Palomas Beach and Resort. The resort hosts a 20-minute display of fireworks in front of Phase II that is part of Las Palomas Beach & Gold Resort. Your family will love seeing how close they are to this dazzling array of fireworks. Rocky Point 4th of July holidays that fall during the week, such as this year, will be given two days of fireworks! The first will be held on the proper 4th of July to celebrate that night, with a second set of fireworks scheduled for the weekend making sure vacationers who are only in town for the weekend can join in on the festivities.

Sandy Beach

If you are unable to join inside the resort, you can catch all of the fireworks down the coast from Sandy Beach. Avoid the crowd of the resort and set up your own personal 4th of July headquarters down at the beach. Bring a cooler full of your favorite beverages and snack items to save some extra cash. Your family will still get a great view of the fireworks from Sandy Beach and be able to stretch out. The beach can get busy, so claiming a spot an hour in advance is recommended for prime viewing locations. There is nothing more exciting than hanging out at the beach with your family or friends and enjoying the delightful display of fireworks. Previous years celebrations have started around 8:30pm and last approximately 20 minutes for the full set of fireworks.

Plan Your Rocky Point 4th of July Vacation

It is never too early to start planning for your Rocky Point destination vacation. Make sure you have your luxury vacation rental ready in time for your 4th of July celebrations. FMI Rentals offers luxury rentals that include incredible amenities and space for the whole family. Plan for your Rocky Point 4th of July vacation today by contacting one of our rental experts who are standing by to assist you.