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Enjoy sandboarding on your list of winter activities in Rocky Point

Winter 2022 Activities In Rocky Point

A winter vacation in a warm locale is something everyone from the colder parts of the world dreams about, and this winter, we at FMI Rentals think you should stop dreaming and start doing! Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco for those who want to give the Spanish language a twirl!) is close enough to your hometown to not need a huge investment of time, and our FMI Rentals winter hideaways are destined to offer the comfort, style, and warmth you desire at all seasons of the year. This guide to the fun you can have south of the border during your winter break in Rocky Point ensures that your time in the sun will be time you never forget!

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Snow, What?

Here’s the thing about snow: It may look beautiful and romantic, but in reality, it is wet, cold, and messy, and when your journey takes you to Rocky Point over winter, you can 100% avoid it! That doesn’t mean you totally have to give up your favorite winter sports, however, especially if your sport happens to be snowboarding, which, in case you didn’t know, can be done on the sand! Sandboarding is a popular anytime activity in Rocky Point, as the dunes in the area offer the perfect spot to try out the unusual sport, and sandboards can be rented or purchased from any beach shops in the area.

Activities in Rocky Point for the Adrenaline Junky

Because the weather rarely falls below the 60s, even in the depth of winter, your Rocky Point vacation is bound to be one spent outside as much as possible and renting an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) from Rocky Point ATV Vehicles is one activity the adrenaline junky in your family will become obsessed over! Rent just the ATV and explore the region on your own, and if you really want to live it up, rent a sandboard and combine the two activities for a day of super-sized fun and excitement.

Cholla Bay Christmas Light Parade, December 11

Christmas comes to Mexico with this informal light parade designed to bring a smile to your face after a very long and very confusing year. Comprised of local cars, golf carts, sand rails, trailers, and even horses decorated in shining lights and glitzy tinsel, the parade begins in the Cholla Bay Sportsmen’s Club, just outside of Rocky Point proper. In past years there have been as many as 30 different vehicles forming the parade and every year is different, so if your journey brings you to Rocky Point in December, why not celebrate the holiday right by watching the parade?

On the Boardwalk

The Fundadores Boardwalk offers a peek into the history of Rocky Point as well as photo opps, shopping expeditions, and a taste of the town! Take a selfie in front of the colorful Puerto Peñasco sign, pay homage to the local fishermen at the monument built in their honor, or simply sit on one of the beaches that face out on to the sea and take a few moments to contemplate your good fortune in choosing Rocky Point for your winter escape! The boardwalk has been a centerpiece for fun and symbolizes all that makes our fishing village one of the most beautiful places to visit!

Enjoy the Sunset

The sunset in Rocky Point is truly a joy to behold, and it doesn’t matter if you are enjoying from the rooftop patio of your FMI Rentals seasonal sanctuary, from a bench on the Fundadores Boardwalk, or from the deck of a Del Mar Charters catamaran, you will stop whatever you are saying or doing and lose yourself in its beauty! The sun always shines down on Rocky Point, and as you sit staring up at its majesty with mouth agape, you will find yourself thinking that you can’t wait until the next night when you get to experience its beauty all over again.

Retail Therapy

Everyone knows that one person who always manages to find the perfect gift for every occasion, and although gifting may not be your special talent, you will up your game when you spend some minutes of your winter vacation in the shops and stores that dot the Puerto Peñasco landscape. The Mermaid Market, held the first and third Saturday of every month from October through May is destined to be your go-to shopping spot, located in the Shrimp Plaza in the center of town and offering all the gifts your family will be thrilled to own! Bring tears to the eyes of your mother with a hand painted piece of art work or watch your teen’s eyes light up when you present them with a handmade leather purse; the Mermaid Market has everything you will never have to live without again.

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The Best Part of Winter

Choosing FMI Rentals for your seasonal escape will let you enjoy the best part of winter, the comfort and style of our vacation properties. Reserve your favorite today to enjoy all the fun activities in Rocky Point!