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Enjoy fun activities on your list of activities this Halloween in Rocky Point

You Won’t Regret a Halloween Spent in Rocky Point!

Halloween has always been our favorite time of year and although it remains basically a children’s celebration in Mexico, there are still many ways for travelers to enjoy it while visiting Rocky Point! The end of October offers ideal weather, with warm days, cool nights, and ocean temperatures still warm enough for swimming, something our far northern visitors appreciate as they may have already experienced their first winter storm by the time October 31st rolls around. And when you combine the beautiful weather, the serenity of the sea, and a stay in one of our FMI Rentals seasonal sanctuaries, you know that your adventures South of the Border are going to be exciting, comfortable, and memorable! (And we can almost promise that none of our rentals are haunted, so your Halloween in Rocky Point won’t be a scary one!

All About the Candy

There is something about Halloween that makes adults with the most sensible of diets go hog wild on candy (it just makes us feel young again!) and if you didn’t bring your own, no worries! For those with a child-sized appetite for the sweet stuff, you won’t have to miss out on the big bag of warehouse store candy because Rocky Point now offers Sam’s Club! Toss a couple of bags in your cart, grab some food to stock your kitchen, and check out their alcohol selection while you’re there; a Black Magic Margarita made with tequila, triple sec, black sanding sugar, and a variety of food coloring options makes quite a magical holiday beverage! Oh, and you might want to pick up a few pumpkins to add ambiance to your holiday home away from home!

Halloween Games

Grown-ups want to have fun too and there is a wonderful selection of Halloween activities you can enjoy back at the “casa” that will be made even more fun with a couple of the Black Magic Margaritas we mentioned earlier! Take the party out to your rooftop patio, spreading out Sam’s Club pumpkins and a few art supplies on the tables up there, and with the sea providing its own background soundtrack and ocean breezes keeping you cool, you can have a pumpkin decorating competition! On Halloween night, even if you aren’t going trick or treating, a costume contest is always a great way to celebrate the occasion; the rumor on the streets is that Stranger Things costumes will be ruling the streets this Halloween! Beer pong is always a good idea and with a little pre-planning, you can give this popular game a holiday twist. Amazon sells a Glow in the Dark Beer Pong kit, complete with ping pong balls decorated to look like eyeballs! Easy to pack and fun to play, you may not remember much of the game the next day but it is still sure to be the highlight of your Halloween in Rocky Point!

Horror Movie Marathon This Halloween in Rocky Point

Just because you decided to go South for the holiday it doesn’t mean you have to skip out on your favorite part of Halloween, the horror movie marathon! Smart televisions in many of our properties allow guests to stream all the Freddie, Michael, and Jason movies they desire and many cable TVs will offer the same. High-speed internet will allow guests to stream from their laptops ensuring that every minute of the spookiest night of the year will be filled with all the horrors of the holiday! Make it a classic night and watch the 10 scariest movies ever; the latest version of Stephen King’s classic book It (aired in 2017) ranks at number 10 with the Exorcist ranking at number 1. In between, there are plenty of classics and new releases guaranteed to give you all the chills you love!

Wait, There’s More!

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, but don’t plan on leaving Tuesday or you will miss the best part of the season! Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) begins on November 1st and THIS is the holiday Mexico loves to celebrate! Featuring the eternal beauty of La Catrina and El Catrin, the skeletons represent death and are meant to be a reminder that life is short, so you should drink more tequila! (Ok, technically they are a reminder to enjoy your life and also to embrace mortality, but that is practically the same thing, isn’t it?) There are altar displays (many in local bars!) a parade through the streets, costume contests, and all the delicious Mexican foods you will soon grow to crave!

The Best of All Worlds

Whether you choose to celebrate only Halloween or decide to join in on the fun for the Day of the Dead as well, come home to our spooktacular (remember: NOT haunted!) FMI rentals holiday hideaways promise to offer the best of all worlds! Reserve your favorite today!