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Rocky Point Beach

Your Complete Family Guide to Rocky Point Beach

If you’re looking for a laid-back and inexpensive beach getaway for your next vacation, Rocky Point beach is the ultimate destination. Unlike other vacation spots, Rocky Point will not burn a hole in your pocket. You’ll enjoy all the sports and activities that you normally find on a beach even if you’re traveling on a budget. And that affordability doesn’t come at the cost of quality, an important point when traveling with your family. The townsfolk are friendly, and the landscape is gorgeous.

Best Time to Visit

You should avoid the summer because of the high temperatures and monsoons. It’s also the peak season for vacationers, which means the beach will be crowded. Winter is the offseason, so that leaves you with spring and fall. The temperature is moderate enough during those two seasons and the weather is great.

Two Rocky Point Beaches

Rocky Point has two main beaches that draw the largest crowds every year. Those are Sandy Beach and Las Conchas. Sandy Beach isa3.5-mile-long stretch of beautiful sand, pristine waters, and stunning marine life. You’ll be able to enjoy all the water sports that you can handle! A day or more at the beach will be a memory your children remember forever.

Traveling on a Budget

If you don’t want to spend a lot in Rocky Point,then you can avoid the upscale resorts and hotels in the area. You don’t need to convert currency either. The US dollar is an accepted currency in most restaurants and places of entertainment in the town. You can also use your credit card,which is much safer than cash.

The Old Port

After the beach, the Old Port should be on your itinerary. Here you can enjoy everything from fresh seafood to fishing boat trips. And because the toursare affordable,you can enjoy the whole day without spending much. The seaside boardwalk has plenty of restaurants for a quick meal or a relaxing time enjoying the view.

Enjoy the Low Tide

Even if getting in the water is not your idea of fun, you can still enjoy the seaside, especially at low tide. Once the sea retreats, it leaves behind a treasure trove of seashells and nice trails that hikers and walkers can enjoy. Your kids will love searching the sand for shells, and exploring the flat sand offers quite a workout, ensuring everyone will sleep deeply at the end of the day!

Rocky Point beach is the vacationer’s most affordable paradise. Enjoy all the great amenities that you find on the beach without breaking the bank. For more information on fun family-friendly Rocky Point things to do or to book your stay, call us today!