What Are the Border Crossing Times to Rocky Point?

rocky_point_border_crossingAre you interested in travelling to Mexico, or Rocky Point from Arizona – by car? How long will it take you and what are the details? This article will provide a brief overview for helping you plan your trip, without incident:

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • The Best Times to Travel – It’s recommended that you travel to Puerto Penasco after peak hours. In the morning for instance, head out after 9 AM.
  • Peak Seasons – during major festivities, it’s common to see bumper to bumper traffic on your way to Rocky Point. Therefore, plan ahead to spend extra time commuting to and from the destination during celebrations like Spring Break or Memorial Day for instance.
  • Closed Times – drivers won’t be able to cross the border, either way, between midnight of every day and 6AM.
  • Inspection – random inspection checks will be conducted, where you will be pulled over by a uniformed police officer who will ask a few questions, before giving you the green light to proceed.

If you have items to declare, you are expected to pay taxes, in pesos. This is highly recommended, because failure to note goods exceeding a certain value will usually result in high fines. Don’t put a damper on your vacation time, by forfeiting the expectation to declare goods. The taxes can be 30% or higher of the good’s worth.

Resources to Help:

Visit: http://www.cbp.gov/ or download CBP Launches Border Wait Time App, to find real live updates on estimated times of travel, and traffic updates.

What Else Should You Know?

  • Driving – To avoid any issues when travelling to Rocky Point, Mexico, be sure to walk with your vehicle registration, license and insurance documents. You will also need to prove your citizenship when entering and exiting. In terms of insurance, you will need to buy Mexican insurance, and this can be arranged via many online sites.
  • Pets – tourists can travel with pets, including dogs and cats, so long as a verified vet certificate is issued.
  • Firearms – are not allowed when crossing the border into Mexico.
  • Tax-Free Merchandise – you’re allowed to travel with up to US $75 in merchandise, completely duty-free. You’re also allowed to travel with up to US$400 in duty-free liquor and tobacco.

There are several outposts in Arizona, where you can request additional information, before travelling.

Enjoy your next trip to Puerto Penasco, a hidden paradise, away from the regular crowds.