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Early Summer Activities in Rocky Point

There is never a bad time for a beach vacation, and if you are planning a south of the border early summer getaway, we would like to be the first to say, “Bienvenido a Puerto Peñasco!” (Welcome to Rocky Point!) and we hope you enjoy your stay in one of our FMI Rentals summer escapes. Every minute of every day can be as busy as you like or as quiet as you need, and this guide to the wonders that await you during your Mexican vacation will ensure that you

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Featured Properties

Property Walkthrough: Casa Del Mar

In the busy lives we all lead, nothing gives us greater pleasure than the times we spend away from our real life. Beach vacations, especially, offer us the chance to relax, recharge, and shed the stresses that cause shoulders to tighten and necks to ache. Because not all vacation homes are created equal, we would like to tell you a little more about our Casa Del Mar property located in the sunny climes of Rocky Point, Mexico. A Rocky Point vacation home rental offering 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and the

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Holidays in Rocky Point

Book Your 2021 Memorial Day Getaway to Rocky Point

As you begin to make plans for a Memorial Day extravaganza, somewhere far away from the home in which you have spent far too much time in during the last 12 months of your life, you may be limiting yourself without even realizing! Your search for the perfect escape has had you exploring your options from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again, but have you considered heading south for the weekend? Rocky Point, known as Puerto Peñasco by the natives, offers a tropical paradise that is

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Rocky Point Holidays

Escape to Rocky Point for Easter 2021

We’ve all pretty much been stuck in a rut over the past 12 months, self-quarantining at home, staring at the same four walls day after day after day, not even having contact with the people who deliver food to our homes, but at last, things are looking up again! Travel restrictions are lifting as many of us are still telecommuting, so why not combine the two and start making plans to travel for the Easter holidays. As the temperatures in your hometown may still be hovering in the low 20s—perhaps

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Rocky Point Things to Do

How to Have a Luxury Weekend Getaway in Rocky Point

The little extras in life make the everyday matters a little more bearable as we slog our way through days of meetings, angry clients, overworked teachers, and of course, the uncertainties associated with the pandemic. We may open a bottle of expensive wine to soothe the ragged edges, buy ourselves something pretty to help regain mental clarity, or simply plan a weekend getaway to somewhere wonderful. When you reach that stage in your life where the little extras begin to make way for the bigger luxuries, your weekend getaway can

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Rocky Point Vacation Rentals

Date Night Hotspots in Rocky Point

As the year progresses, good things are beginning to happen in the world around us, and you, being the intelligent travelers that you are, have decided to celebrate with a south of the border sojourn to the always wonderful Rocky Point! Puerta Peñasco (as it is known in Mexico) is always up for a good time, and since you will be traveling with your favorite traveling partner, chances are you will be seeking out some fun places to enjoy on your Mexican version of a date night. Well, your good

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Rocky Point Rentals

Family Friendly Features of Our Rentals in Rocky Point

It is always the right time to start planning your annual family vacation, but when every day starts to run together, with nothing happening to help distinguish it from the 37 before, you may begin to realize that you need to do something NOW! And while you could go to that amusement park you see in the commercials on television, we think you should think bigger, global even, and explore what a vacation south of the border can bring. Want to make it even better? A stay in one of

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Rocky Point Things to Do

Most Romantic Activities for a Valentine’s Getaway in Rocky Point

Some years you can get away with flowers, candy, and a good dinner at your favorite restaurant, but this year is definitely not one of those years! As we look at 2020 in our rear-view windows, we are thankful that the year of turmoil has ended, but we can also see something else: the faces of those we love most, standing by us during times that were difficult. There may have been tears, even arguments at times, but your partner in life stood strong, figuring out dinner every night of

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Rocky Point Restaurants

Places to Get a Hot Winter Meal in Rocky Point

As you look out your own window at home, are you seeing the wintry scene that hits your beautiful city every year around this time, or are you imagining a place with Gulf waters, sandy beaches, and palm trees swaying in the wind? If you answered the latter, it may be time to make your way south, in fact even further south than you have ever been before! A visit to Rocky Point, Mexico will take the gloom out of your winter vacation, offering temperatures that can reach as high

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Things to do

Winter Activities in Rocky Point

Puerto Peñasco – better known as Rocky Point in English, has a year-round sunny, warm, warmth climate no matter what time of year you need a break. Located on the shores of the Sea of Cortez in the Mexican state of Sonora, it’s the perfect winter beach paradise. Stroll the sand or take a dip in the waves or partake in any one of the exciting land and sea winter activities in Rocky Point available there. Banana Boats If you’ve ever been tubing or water skiing, you’ll love a ride

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