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Book Your Winter 2022 Getaway Today!

You may be a bit busy planning your summer getaway but if you are a planner like we are, we are willing to bet that you have all the details locked down; vacation home rented, Park tickets purchased, and that new bikini you have had your eye on is already tucked away in your partially packed suitcase. You have already figured out the benefits of booking early and have moved on to the initial planning stages for your winter escape to Rocky Point and stay in one of our FMI

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Property Walkthrough: Casa Mercedes

Colorful, bright, offering a beach view location that will make you never want to go home again, our FMI Rentals Casa Mercedes is an exciting escape designed to comfort and spoil up to 7 guests and 1 very lucky pup! Not all fur babies are allowed to go on vacation with their humans, but you recognize the loyalty and unconditional love offered by your sweet pooch, and this 3-bedroom, 2-bath abode will be an integral part of your vacation experience. Got a few minutes to spare? Pour yourself a glass

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Stay In Rocky Point This Memorial Day

There are no rules to where you choose to spend your vacation days, even if you are heading off for a long weekend during a holiday that celebrates the American men and women who have sacrificed everything so we could have it all. Yes, even on Memorial Day, a long weekend spent enjoying the laid back lifestyle of Rocky Point in Mexico can be exactly what your soul needs and when you choose FMI Rentals for your holiday hideaway, your all-American dreams are destined to come true! Especially if you

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Property Walkthrough: Linda Vista

The joys of the south of the border can never be overstated, especially as you spend long days enjoying the sunny beaches of Rocky Point in Mexico. You can savor delicious foods, explore unique shops, and enjoy the beautiful views that make our fishing village one of the most popular vacation destinations in the nation. And speaking of beautiful views, or as we say here in Mexico, Linda Vistas, the only thing better than a beach vacation in Rocky Point is a beach vacation in Rocky Point spent enjoying the

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Celebrate Easter In Rocky Point, Mexico

Of all the major holidays, Easter is the most laidback. Requiring nothing more than some sunrise observances, chocolate, and time spent with our families feasting and enjoying each other’s company, this special day is perhaps one of our favorites! And even though Easter isn’t typically considered a traveling holiday, we think that the laid back vibe makes it the perfect holiday to explore the world out there beyond the limits of your hometown, and a visit to Rocky Point is where we think you should start your journey. Offering an

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Rocky Point Things to Do

Plan A Spring Road Trip To Rocky Point, Mexico

The best road trips are the ones that take you to places you have never experienced before and as spring starts to make its presence known in the form of budding flowers and warmer days, your adventures in Rocky Point, Mexico are about to change your life! Fall in love with the way the landscape changes from the frozen tundra of your home town to the warmer beauty of southern states, to a desert landscape dotted with colorful wildflowers that thrive under the rays of the sun. Make room in

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Property Walkthrough: Agaves Del Mar

Offering an enchanting blend of the modern on the outside and the classic on the inside, our FMI Rentals Agaves Del Mar is destined to be the most comfortable part of your Rocky Point getaway. Located in the quiet gated community of Las Conchas, its 4 bright and beautiful bedrooms and 3 colorful bathrooms provide the space needed for up to 12 guests to enjoy the vacation of their dreams in this Rocky Point vacation rental, sleeping in late each morning, playing in the surf that is located just steps

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Things to do

Romantic Activities for Couples in Rocky Point

As the rest of the world is shoveling snow and layering on the warm clothes this Valentine’s Day, our FMI Rentals guests are experiencing an altogether different reality. Dressed in shorts, tees, and their favorite flip flops, they are forced to pull the curtains shut against the morning sun if they want to sleep in, swimming in heated pools, and falling in love all over again with the person they can’t live without. If you want to join in the romance and wonder in Rocky Point, Mexico, choosing FMI Rentals

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Property Walkthrough: Casa Maryann

When you look out the window of your home, do you see sunshine, blue skies, and palm trees swaying in the breeze? Is your backyard a green oasis with a crystal blue pool in the center? Does your rooftop have a patio that lets you see all the way to the Sea of Cortez? We understand that not everyone is fortunate to enjoy all of the aforementioned full time, but that is what vacations are for, and when the weather is at its coldest, the days are at their gloomiest,

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Book Your 2022 Summer Getaway Now!

As you stare out your window onto a landscape covered in snow, one that no longer seems as beautiful as it did on Christmas Eve, the only thing grayer than your mood may be the sky that looms overhead. The winter months after Christmas and New Year’s feel like they are dragging on forever, and you find yourself wishing that the summer months would get here that much sooner. Well, we at FMI Rentals can’t make the clock speed up any faster, but we can provide a bright spot in

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