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Upcoming Events in Rocky Point, Mexico

It does not matter when you make the trip out to Rocky Point you will always find something to do in our vacation destination. Rocky Point is a paradise off the coast of Mexico and has a variety of exciting activities and events to enjoy. The events change throughout the season offering something new for you to try out. Take a look at some upcoming events in Rocky Point that you can enjoy: Rocky Point Rally Motorcycle owners know that there is nothing more exciting than taking your bike on

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Featured Properties

Property Walkthrough Casa Bonita

For your next vacation getaway take a step away from the ordinary and find the perfect vacation destination waiting for you at Puerto Penasco. Mexico is the perfect paradise just waiting for you. Any family visiting Puerto Penasco needs the best vacation rental to make your stay one to never forget. Casa Bonita has everything you need to keep comfortable in a Rocky Point rental and also be a skip away from the beach. Take a look at what you can find inside Casa Bonita: Beach Side Home Guests can

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Things to do

Fall Activities in Rocky Point, Mexico 2022

Not every traveler enjoys the crisp cool days of fall and all the pumpkin accessories that accompany the season. Some travelers find themselves seeking the eternal beauty of summer days and a visit to Rocky Point will give guests all the summer fun they require! Offering all that summer provides with temperatures that have dropped to just the right degrees, your autumn adventures are destined to be comfortable and exotic, especially when you choose FMI Rentals for your vacation accommodations! Every day will be your favorite day as you play

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Rocky Point Home Spotlight

Property Walkthrough: Princesa Sand Castillo

A Rocky Point vacation can be a carefree experience filled with fun and excitement but a Rocky Point vacation enjoyed in our FMI Rentals Princesa Sand Castillo promises to be an adventure you will never forget and one that you will wish never had to end. This charming resort condo in Rocky Point offers two colorful bedrooms, 2 spacious baths, and a deeper understanding of the true beauty of our neighbors to the south as you and up to 5 of your favorite people live together in peace and harmony!

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Spend Labor Day 2022 In Rocky Point, Mexico

The beauty of a long weekend is not just in knowing that you can sleep in for 3 mornings it is the freedom of having just enough extra days off to go somewhere you have never been before or to head back to your favorite place to escape to! Rocky Point in Mexico may seem like an unusual place to celebrate an all-American holiday, such as Labor Day, but in our minds, it is absolutely perfect. Offering no temptation to check out the office, no neighborhood kids knocking at your

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Featured Properties

Property Walkthrough: Casa Adora

The popularity of our FMI Rentals homes can be attributed to their comfort, style, and relaxing vibe and to the fact that our properties offer that little something extra that makes vacation life that much more special. Our 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom Casa Adora home, for example, provides sophistication, elegance, and laguna views that can be enjoyed poolside, ensuring that this Rocky Point escape is one you will never forget! Sleek and modern yet retaining all the comfort that makes guests feel right at home, this special Rocky Point vacation rental deserves

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Holidays in Rocky Point

Make Your Way To Rocky Point This 4th Of July!

As you begin preparations for the next summer holiday on the rotation, July 4th, you may not have considered taking the party south of the border, but we at FMI Rentals would have to ask, why not? Rocky Point in the summer offers leisurely days at the beach, inexpensive forays to the shops and boutiques that make our fishing village special, and our luxurious, comfortable, and stylish seasonal sanctuaries that guarantee you will feel welcomed and treasured! And because this year Independence Day falls on a Monday, the extended weekend

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Property Walkthrough: Esmeralda #803

The joy of a south-of-the-border adventure can be enhanced by the comforts and luxuries in the accommodations you choose to make your home during your stay and our FMI Rentals Esmeralda #803 is the perfect example! Offering 3 tranquil bedrooms, 3 spacious baths, and views of the Sea of Cortez from nearly every room, your time spent in this charming seaside condo is guaranteed to play a big part in the highlight reels of your vacation memories; especially when you spend the time with up to 7 of your favorite

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Book Your Winter 2022 Getaway Today!

You may be a bit busy planning your summer getaway but if you are a planner like we are, we are willing to bet that you have all the details locked down; vacation home rented, Park tickets purchased, and that new bikini you have had your eye on is already tucked away in your partially packed suitcase. You have already figured out the benefits of booking early and have moved on to the initial planning stages for your winter escape to Rocky Point and stay in one of our FMI

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Rocky Point Property Management

Property Walkthrough: Casa Mercedes

Colorful, bright, offering a beach view location that will make you never want to go home again, our FMI Rentals Casa Mercedes is an exciting escape designed to comfort and spoil up to 7 guests and 1 very lucky pup! Not all fur babies are allowed to go on vacation with their humans, but you recognize the loyalty and unconditional love offered by your sweet pooch, and this 3-bedroom, 2-bath abode will be an integral part of your vacation experience. Got a few minutes to spare? Pour yourself a glass

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