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“FMI Rentals objective is to contribute to maximizing your earning potential and capital appreciation of your property investment”

Looking for someone to manage your Rocky Point dream home or condo? Welcome to FMI Rentals! We have been involved with all facets of real estate and property management in Puerto Peñasco since 1994. Currently FMI Rentals manages over 100 vacation properties in Las Conchas, Mirador and Sandy Beach and Marina Pinacate Condos focusing on quality luxury beachfront and ocean view residences. With our considerable experience we are experts in the Puerto Peñasco real estate market and we take the time to educate you about all of your options.

Managing property in Mexico is notoriously challenging, but you can rely on FMI Rentals to guide you quickly, smoothly and successfully through all the decisions and paperwork associated owning, maintaining or renting your valuable investment. We make it easy so you can relax and feel confident through every step of the process. With FMI Rentals, you can enjoy your Peñasco home with complete peace of mind. Our management team is committed to providing the highest standards of service, quality and performance to all of our owners, clients and customers. We focus on maintaining and creating value for our owner’s investments consistent with their objectives. Let us show you the options available learn more about maximizing your goals call us any time at 602 288 8609 or visit our website at

• Rental & leasing service to maintain highest occupancy levels.

• Marketing & advertising to both “Sonoran, Mexico & Southwest US” rental populations.

• Front desk key service & guest check-in/out | Office open 7 days a week.

• Monthly owner statements and distributions.

• Accounts Payable | timely disbursement & payment of monthly & annual bills, including: HOA, bank trust, insurance, property taxes, water, electricity, utilities & telephone.

• Property inspections | repair and maintenance.

• Reviewing, verifying and approving all major renovations & repairs.

• Handling all rental calls | emergencies & routine maintenance | housekeeping, cleaning & linen service.

• Facilitating owner’s objectives and goals.

• Additional services provided, individually tailored to client’s needs.

• Inspect the units before and after every renter and owner, to verify that everything is working property.

• In case that is an inconvenient at the property, we will call the owner immediately to make the necessary repairs.

• Send proposals to the owners, if we notice that the unit needs a detail like touch up painting, floor polish, carpet cleaning and others.

Rodger & Jeannete Clifton | President, Broker & Owner
“What distinguishes Rodger Clifton from other businessmen who have come to Puerto Peñasco is his gift with people, his humanity & openness to share the success of his business with the community, with the people and with his employees” – Heriberto Renteria Sanchez, Former City Mayor.

Rodger embodies the spirit of professionalism in Sonoran real estate. With over 40 years of experience in residential brokerage, property management and commercial development in Arizona and Sonora, Rodger brings an unwavering commitment to the safety of his client’s investments and their trouble-free experience of Mexican property ownership. Rodger has based the operations of FMI Rentals on the highest standards of ethical procedure and practice.

Enrique Rodriguez | General Manager & Owner
“FMI Rental’s customers can be assured that they will receive outstanding service and the best accommodations available in Rocky Point” – Mark & Jane Bowen, Las Conchas homeowners & 10 year client’s of FMI.

A Puerto Peñasco native & resident the past 48 years, Enrique is President of FMI Rentals & has worked hand-in-hand with the Clifton family since 1992. With years of experience in the hospitality & development industry, Enrique brings a reputation for quality care & outstanding customer service. He has managed development of multiunit residential projects, RV parks & has directed FMI Rentals’ vacation & property management business since inception.

Pedro Rodriguez | Operational Manager & Marketing
Pedro brings a wealth of knowledge & expertise to FMI Rentals. Over the past 4 years he has worked with FMI in residential sales, spec home construction & property management. The past 2 years Pedro has been operations manager for FMI Rentals, which has over 100 vacation homes under contract in Las Conchas, the Mirador and Sandy beach. Prior to joining FMI, Pedro worked for a major development company in Rocky Point, helping them with their marketing & entitlement processes. Pedro is a graduate of the CESUES College in San Luis Rio Colorado & received a degree in business with a specialty in Tourism & Hospitality Management.

Asair Rodriguez |Operational Manager & TA Specialist
Asair is graduate in Law school of the University of Baja California in Mexicali City (UABC). After being in the litigation for a two year period at one of the most prestigious Law Firms in town “Jauregui’s Attorneys Law Firm “he decide to take the opportunity to get in to the family business, he has been working 4 years with FMI Rentals at the Marina Pinacate Resort as the general manager and also coordinating all the issues related to Travel Agents.

• Direct mail & E-Flyer program targeting existing Travel Agencies – N. Mexico & S.W. US.

• Direct mail & E-Flyer program targeting previous FMI & RPR rental customers w/ value added services.

• Complimentary couples massage.

• Discount dining at partnered restaurants & bars.

• Complimentary check-in cocktails for adult guests.

• Staed Check-in & Reservation Center.

• Cross marketing – OCV – Peñasco Tourism Oice.

• Targeting Mexican National Mkt thru contacts with Sonora & N. Mexico Travel Agencies.

• Customer IP phone access during normal business hours & emergency phone for after hour’s services.

• FMI Rentals maintenance employees for normal repairs &maintenance.

• Sub contract professional companies for major repairs.

• Streamline-Core Software.

• 24/7 FMI Sta Availability thru Front Desk Emergency Phone.

• Color flyer on Craigslist re-posted every 5 days for maximum exposure.

• Syndicated on AMPI Peñasco MLS.

• Cross marketed in Arizona & N.Mexico travel agencies:
Travel agencies – Phx | Tuc | Son | Chihua | N. Baja
Rocky Point Reservations.

• Advertising & marketing in various print & web-based vacation sites & periodicals.

• Mex-i-Go Canadian website & quarterly magazine JoinUs & Rocky Point Times distributed in Peñasco.

• Professionally photograph property by Daniel Zamora Luxury Villa Photography – utilize in Internet & Dir Mail marketing.

Condo & Beach Home Management Fees:

Bill Paying | Property Maintenance

• No bill paying fee to the owners who have properties at the rental pool & $25 per month to the owners that just want the bill paying service.

• Property taxes, utilities, telephone, trust renewals, HOA fees and others.

• Maintenance and cleaning services.

• Propane & water service delivery.

• Landscaping | Pool/Spa Service | Pest control service.

• Regular inspections of the property.

• Accounting services and monthly reports online.

Short-term Vacation Rentals

• 35% commission for condos and 30% for homes of the gross rental income.

• $25 per month for the bill paying service.

• Property taxes, utilities, telephone, trust renewals, HOA fees and others.

• Maintenance and cleaning services.

• Propane & water service delivery.

• Landscaping | Pool/Spa Service | Pest control service.

• Regular inspections of the property.

• Accounting services and monthly reports online.

Entitlement | Legal | Immigration

• FM3 | FM2 | Immigrado, facilitation for client’s seeking proper immigration documentation for work or tax purposes.

• Corporations | Taxation | Trust Facilitations or Modifications.

• Inside Professional accounting services.


FMI will distribute new contracts to RPR clients who wish to transition & utilize FMI’s services & then gather owner contact & unit information. FMI will preview & tour participating client units, prepare preliminary photo tour, determine unit grade rating & issue recommendations if any. Simultaneously FMI will set-up participating client’s in Resort-Pro & transition RPR rental & reservation information to FMI system, then issue greetings & confirmation vis-à-vis direct mail & electronically to all new rental customers.

Business hours:

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday
8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. from Friday to Saturday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday

Cleaning charges:

3 bedroom home $65 (USD)
4 bedroom home $75 (USD)
5 bedroom home $90 (USD)
1 bedroom condo $35 (USD)
2 bedroom condo $45 (USD)
3 bedroom condo/villa $65 (USD)

Cleaning Services Includes:

Deep professional cleaning and inspections. Reports of damages to FMI rentals ( Asair Rodriguez ) Supply Plastic bags, toilet paper, kitchen paper towels, hand soap, bar soap, shampoo and conditioner. Inside formar service.

• CONDO CLEAN formal services proposal to Pinacates will attached to our presentation.

• FMI rentals will provide to the owners all the original receipts and documentation of the unit at the end of the year.

• We will add outside of the Reception office an electronic box to set up keys for the after hours renters. We will be able to change passwords every day.

• We will provide the bracelets to our renters.

Note: We are open to hear ideas from the owners as well as the HOA Board Members/Workers based in their experience in the project.

FMI Rentals | First Mexican Investments

PO Box 1603 Lukeville, Arizona 85341
Fremont Blvd & Sinaloa Ave, Placita Avaina Suite 103
Puerto Penasco, Sonora 83550
(011) 52-638-388-0773 Mex Oice / (602) 288-8609 Mex VOIP

Enrique Rodriguez Ramirez
General Manager

LAET. Pedro E. Rodriguez
Operational Manger & Marketing.

Lic. Asair Rodriguez Mizquez
Operational Manager & TA Specialist.