Things to Do in Rocky Point Mexico!

There’s Always Things to Do in Rocky Point Mexico

The hardest part of vacations is making one happen, if you’ve managed that part already then it’s all clear sailing as you move forward.  Now it’s the fun part, deciding which one of Rocky Point’s things to do best peaks your interest! Rocky Point has an array of activities you can pursue; you’ll have the same comfortable activities you’re used to from back home as well as some original Rocky Point adventures. Whatever your fancy is, FMI wishes to see that you enjoy your get away as much as possible. Read on for more information about things to do in Rocky Point, Mexico!

The Adventure Begins

Some people love to go on vacation and then kick themselves in full gear with active options. This would include biking, hiking, and water sports; all things to get your blood flowing. The mountains of Rocky Point offer not only a fun trek, but some adrenaline filled mountain biking. Rocky Point also has plenty of beaches to accommodate water sport, and the multiplicity of shops throughout town makes finding the gear for these activities a cup of tea, and with luck, your local resort may even supply what you need!

Home Away from Home

Just because you’re technically in Mexico doesn’t mean things need to feel foreign. There are plenty of staple fun activities that you can enjoy as if you were home with your friends on the weekend. Rocky Point sports a variety of quality bars, a roaring nightlife, and surprising activities like baseball! That’s right, in addition to a classic outing on the town you can easily catch a baseball game by the local Sharks, the Tiburones (provided it’s baseball season). There’s even a Rocky Point version of a farmers market once a month, called Mermaid Market.

In Room Comforts

Some people would even be content to relax in their rental home all day, and that’s a viable option. The rentals Rocky Point has to offer are of such high caliber that simply relaxing inside can be a great way to recharge. Plus, if you’re at a resort location, popular beachfront activities are just outside your front door. And rest assured, customer service is a top priority as to enable the perfect stay.

Need Not, Want Not, with FMI

There's never a shortage of Rocky Point things to do. It seems all the best vacation activities have funneled into Rocky Point as it has grown in popularity. If you think of something new to do, chances are it’s just a short trek into town. If you're looking for more things to do in Rocky Point, FMI Rentals can help. Contact us today to learn more!