If you’re looking for a vacation by the sea, visit the beautiful city of Rocky Point, Mexico (also known as Puerto Peñasco to the natives). Located at the mouth of the glittering Sea of Cortez, Rocky Point has enchanted generations of travelers with its sense of adventure and old world charms. While Rocky Point has numerous activities and attractions to offer, few compare to the romance and tranquility of Rocky Point horseback riding along the city’s soft, sandy beaches. Even when the ocean is too cold for swimming in the winter, visitors can still take part in peaceful horseback excursions—meaning that no matter which season you choose to visit the area, you’re always in-store for some adventure. Read on to learn about one of the most fun activities in Rocky Point, Mexico!

Horseback Riding Vendors and Rates

Along with the many vendors who set up shop along Rocky Point’s beachfronts, there are often roaming vendors that can be seen walking their trusty horses. Local stables nestled along Sandy Beach and Las Conchas, such as JR’s Stable, often send their riding instructors and horses to walk along the beach and give visitors the opportunity to go on a ride down the soft sands. Wave them down and you will find that their rates for Rocky Point horseback riding sessions will vary between $20.00 to $25.00 for half-an-hour.

Horseback riding Rocky Point sessions can usually be purchased just south of the Playa Bonita Resort, in front of the Peñasco del Sol Hotel, and along beaches like the tranquil Las Conchas Beach and the lively Sandy Beach. If you happen to stay in one of our lovely vacation rental properties near these beaches, such our resort properties at Marina Pinacate, Princesa de Peñasco, Tessoro, Corona del Mar, and Corona del Sol, you’ll only be steps away from a Rocky Point horseback riding adventure!

Looking to support a business that is a little more established? Check out El Establo Ranch, owned by rancher Armando Rolón. Located on Elias Calles between Calle 19 and Calle 20, Rolón and the ranch assistants at El Establo also frequent the same beaches as other vendors, charging comparably reasonable rates for a galloping adventure. For $20.00, you can rent a horse for half-an-hour, but for only $10.00 more—a total of $30.00—you  can rent a horse for a full hour. Trails outside of the city may have different rates or requirements; read on to find out more about these exotic trails, and how to get your money’s worth!

Choose Your Trail Experience

horseback-minOpen from 10:00am to 6:00pm daily, El Establo Ranch offers multiple trails for you to choose from. Rocky Point horseback riding tours can begin anywhere from Sandy Beach, to the Aquarium at the entrance of Las Conchas, to El Establo Ranch’s main location. On these rejuvenating outings, you can ride down the beach and feel the serene ocean breeze, or tour the historic party and shopping districts of Calle 13, Old Port, and El Malecón—all for $30.00 per hour, with a minimum of two riders.

For a slightly quieter tour of nature, there are two grander, more scenic options. The first tour takes you on a trek across the foothills of the Sonoran Desert, beginning and ending across the street from Esmeralda Condominiums. This rate for this trail is $30.00 per person, with a minimum of two riders.

The second tour lasts for an hour and a half, departing from the Cholla Bay school, cutting through the town of Cholla and finishing by travelling through both Devil’s Canyon and Demon’s Canyon. Be sure to bring your camera, as you will be encountering some of the rare and fantastic scenery in the Sonoran Desert. Because of the length and intensity of this trail, El Establo charges $45.00 per person and requires the same minimum of two riders as their other trails. This is one of the most fun things to do in Rocky Point, Mexico!

FMI Rentals – Your Rocky Point Vacation Experts

After a long, fun-filled day of horseback riding in Rocky Point, you can retire to your condo for rest and relaxation. Contact the reservation specialists at FMI Rentals today to view their many spacious vacation rental options, as well as to learn more about the diverse attractions and activities that you’ll encounter in Rocky Point when you book your trip accommodations in one of the lovely vacation rental properties that FMI Rentals has to offer for your stay today. Happy trails!

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