When you vacation in Rocky Point, you will definitely want to spend time along the shores of one its famous sandy beaches, relax in one of our vacation rentals, or even enjoy the bar scene by partying the night away. However, what you don’t want to miss out on is some of the best shopping south of the border! During your next vacation to Rocky Point, be sure to take time to peruse the many shops and markets that cater to tourists and locals alike. Below are some of our favorite places for shopping in Rocky Point, Mexico!

Malecon / Old Port

Experts visitors of Rocky Point all agree that if you want to shop, Old Port is a must visit! The Malecon, known to tourists as Old Port, is the traditional fishing port where Rocky Point got its start as a town. Vendors flock here to sell their wares, ranging from flashy souvenirs to beautifully crafted handmade pieces. Walk through dozens of storefronts, and don’t forget that negotiating prices is part of the experience!

Mermaid Market | Shopping | Casa Nirvana

Cholla Mall

If Old Port is your first stop while you shop your way around Rocky Point, then Cholla Mall should certainly be second on your list! For many tourists in Rocky Point, Cholla Mall is a hidden gem. Not as crowded as the more popular Old Port, this area is a great place to find items that are a little more exclusive. Unique pieces of pottery, furniture, and handmade jewelry are sold here and won’t be found anywhere else in town.

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Desert Boutique

Located in the downtown district, Desert Boutique is a clothing store that sells items you won’t find anywhere else! They specialize in clothing made out of a material known as manta, which is similar to canvas but is thinner and more lightweight. Clothing found in the Desert Boutique can be found in both traditional Mexican styles and more modern garments. From trendy to traditional, Desert Boutique is must visit Puerto Peñasco shopping experience for the fashion addict!

Galeria del Mar Bermejo

Situated behind the church in the Old Port lies one of the hidden gems of Puerto Peñasco shopping: Galeria del Mar Bermejo. Those looking for finely crafted handmade items will find a proverbial treasure trove of items! Paintings, jewelry, handmade clothing, and many other kinds of crafted items can be found here.

Galeria Colibri

Whether you are looking for a gift for the jewelry lover in your life, or if you yourself are a collector of unique pieces, the Galeria Colibri is a must visit! It is distinguished itself has the premier purveyor of high end jewelry pieces in Rocky Point. Unique designs and high quality are found in every piece sold here.