Rocky Point, Mexico is a gorgeous vacation destination located where the Sonoran Desert and the Sea of Cortez meet. Known for its sandy beaches and warm weather, tourists flock to this small seaside town to spend their days relaxing on the beach and enjoying the local nightlife. However, even Rocky Point has its rainy days. Luckily, some storm clouds and light rain still can’t dampen your fun in Rocky Point! Here are some of our favorite Rocky Point things to do when the sun is away.

Manny’s Tequila Factory

Instead of the spending the day lounging by the beach, a rainy day is a great opportunity to head into the town of Rocky Point and get a taste of the local flavor. And what could be a better quintessential Mexican experience than a tequila tasting! Manny’s Tequila Factory walks your group through the history of this famous Mexican spirit and the distilling process. Then, you are able to taste several different types of tequila, including some unique flavors, and even take a bottle of your favorite home with you! Best of all, the inside location offers a great respite from the rain!


Even though the weather is gloomy, you can still enjoy the rich ecosystem and wildlife of Rocky Point! Head over the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, or CEDO for short, to explore their whale fin exhibit and learn about the wildlife from one of their tour guides. This exhibition is a great way to learn about the natural environment of Rocky Point, while staying dry indoors

Su Casa at Cholla Mall

Take advantage of bad weather and use it as an opportunity to shop for a great souvenir. Su Casa is one of the best shops in all of Rocky Point! Located in the Cholla Mall, often called the “Rodeo Drive of Rocky Point,” Su Casa has a great selection of handmade items from local artists including jewelry, clothing, and home goods. Shop the rainy day away at Su Casa!

Make the Best of a Rainy Day

Averaging less than one inch of rain per month, Rocky Point doesn’t have many rainy days. However, when you travel here expecting a warm and sunny beach vacation and are greeted by clouds and rain, it is important to have a back-up plan. These rainy day activities in Rocky Point are sure to keep the entire family occupied while waiting for the gloomy weather to pass without missing a beat on your vacation!

Whether it’s rainy or not, make sure you’ve booked yourself one of our vacation rentals!