There are some folks that prefer laying on the beach, or swimming close to the shorelines.


You’re an adrenaline junkie that thirst for adventures that are out-of-this-world. Rocky Point is in a little world of its own. A paradise if you will. There’s much to do and plenty to see – one of which is kite surfing in Rocky Point, Mexico.

This isn’t a video game. It’s real life drama unfolding by the minute. If you’re new to the thrill, don’t worry. Instructors are on-call to teach school-aged children to seniors. Any person qualifies, and the sport isn’t exclusive to anyone.

Here’s A Guide to Kite Surf in Rocky Point:

Rocky Point, Mexico, is just a few tidy kilometers away from Arizona. It’s easily accessible to tourists that are north of the border, as well as locals.

The climate offers an ideal wind to kite surf, so it’s hardly boring. For avid kite surfers, some locations off the shores of Rocky Point feature strong tidal lagoons to push the limit on bends and jumps you’ve perfected before. Unleash your inner gymnast, and go with the ebb and flow of the waves.


  • Find wind forecasts from several local kite surf guides, to find out the speed of the winds, in terms of knots, and the best days to go. This is helpful if you’re a beginner or expert kite surfer.
  • American citizens will need a valid U.S. passport for entry into Mexico. More details can be found at a local embassy.
  • View videos online to get a glimpse of pros and beginner surfing lessons. It’s a must-do on your bucket list.
  • Bring your board shorts or bikinis. Gear is included in most kite surfing tours or lessons. In addition, the shoreline is lined with local shops that have quality gear for the sport.
  • The beauty of Puerto Panesco is that it features less crowds, huge tides, and other perks to enjoy, including boat charters to Birds Island, fishing, or taking part in Boomer Fest, held each year.

Complementary Activities

  • Take a cruise in the sunset, after a day of thrill.
  • Relax and enjoy a floating dinner with a group or with a partner.
  • Reserve jet skiing for another day. Or, go snorkeling or scuba diving. There’s an unlimited number of water sports to partake in at this destination.
  • Rent An ATV – and tour the landscapes.
  • Much more.

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