How do you have a spectacular time at Rocky Point? You venture to the best beaches in Rocky Point of course! However such a simple answer can involve a little more finesse, and this guide by FMI aims to take you by the hand to the beach that is perfect for you. It’s hard to find a bad beach, but you may be surprised what different qualities each beach has to offer. Interested in learning more about the top beaches in Rocky Point? Click below and get an insiders look at why Rocky Point is the top beach town you’ll ever vacation in!

A Classic Rocky Point Beach Experience

If you’re in a “beach ASAP” mood, then put Playa Bonita in your crosshairs. This sandy wonder is nearest to town and has a nice influx of visitors, meaning there is a big focus on upkeep.  Playing at Playa Bonita may include observing the ocean life through the ocean waters, kite surfing with the pleasant breeze, or being graced with one of the beach side horseback rides which are available.  Visitors rave about how sandy Bonita is, being virtually free of the rock which populates so many other sandy venues.

An Adventure Outside of Town

Cholla Bay is the Florida of Mexico. This little appendage beach poking out to the west can be your personal Miami if you desire. The local favorite, JJ’s Bar, is all the rage offering drinks, dancing, and a beautiful patio overlooking the ocean. Regarding the waters, the tide has a big reach meaning it can be great for kayaking and swimming, just don’t get stuck in the current! Patrons like this beach specifically because it’s set away from town, meaning it’s quieter and a better deal for rentals than other areas.

The “Secret” Beach  Get Away

The next beach of note is a little wonder called San Jorge, hidden away about 15 minutes east of town. This beach is suggested due to its uniqueness; popular beaches are easy to find whereas this haven isn’t as mainstream. San Jorge is pure relaxation, a sublime get-away on your get-away. If you have any activities you want to pursue that need minimal activity, such as bird watching, this is the place.

Let FMI Rentals Plan Your Next Trip

As you can see, beaches hold characteristics that are often overlooked. With this short introduction to several Rocky Point Beaches, you should be able to hone in the perfect beach to fit your itch. Don’t hesitate to head down to Rocky Point, you’re on your way to knowing all you need! Contact us today to learn more about the Rocky Point beaches!

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