The beautiful, sandy beaches of Rocky Point, Mexico make it a world famous tourist destination, particularly during the warm summer months. Long stretches of shoreline ensure that there is plenty of diversity from beach to beach, whether you are a college spring breaker, or someone more interested in a quiet snorkeling spot. Pelican Beach sets itself apart from the rest as one of the premier locations in the Rocky Point area for watching wildlife, making your Rocky Point Beach Vacation especially memorable!

Catch Sight of Wildlife

When visiting Pelican Beach, it is highly recommended that you bring a pair of binoculars and your camera! The beach is named for the numerous brown pelicans that populate the area. It’s also a great opportunity to take memorable photos of the local wildlife. It is also a great place to go looking for fresh grub such as clams and crabs! There are also pods of dolphins that can often been seen passing through the water. Unlike most of the beaches of Rocky Point, where humans and tourists have clearly taken over, Pelican Beach is focused on maintaining the beautiful natural habitat as much as possible. Visitors are encouraged to keep with area as pristine as possible so that the wildlife can thrive for generations to come.

Neighborhoods Near Pelican Beach

Beyond the sandy shores and thriving wildlife of Pelican Beach, are the nearby neighborhoods of Laguna Shores and Laguna del Mar. These new developments offer great activities outside of the ocean, including luxury resorts and championship golf courses. In addition to the resorts that share the shoreline with Pelican Beach, there are also plenty of places to shop and dine, whether you are looking for an elevated experience or want to live like one of the locals. Pelican Beach should definitely be on your list of Rocky Point beach destinations!