Many people think of Rocky Point, or Puerto Peñasco, as a beach destination. These people are right, but they are also very wrong. Puerto Peñasco is a vacation destination full of different adventures for a variety of likes and interests. Some do come solely for the beach and the great weather, but among Rocky Point things to do, a little-known hobby is growing steadily. Birding has been around for years, but recently many have been planning their trips around seeing not only the life of birds, but of all animal life in an area. Here are some of the best Puerto Peñasco, Mexico things to do for your next birding vacation.

Species & Hotspots for Birding

Even though birding goes mostly unmentioned in most lists of Rocky Point things to do, the area’s open ocean, coves, bays, estuaries and wetlands are home to a large variety of resident and migratory birds. Popular birding website eBird lists eleven different hotspots with a total of 258 species. Some of these include the Sea of Cortez endemic, the Yellow-footed Gull, American Oystercatcher, Surfbird, no fewer than eight terns, Sanderling, Red Tropicbird, five different plovers, two storm-petrels, Black-vented Shearwater and both Brown and Blue-footed Boobies among many others.

Of the 11 hotspots listed by eBird, some are much easier to get to than others. The largest list of species shows Puerto Peñasco City which has 240 species of bird. Among the different parts of Puerto Peñasco lies multiple different estuaries that bird enthusiasts would love. Morua and La Pinta are two of the most mentioned when looking for local advice. If you are looking to be immersed in the birds, look no further than Las Conchas. Las Conchas is a gated oceanfront residential area that is difficult to get into, but worth the visit. In this area lies the Center for Desert and Ocean Studies, which is a great place for birding in Puerto Peñasco. During some causal watching, we counted about 50 birds per minute flying through the area. During the small visit, you can see over six thousand different birds flying by.

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