Taking a much-needed vacation to the gorgeous beach town of Rocky Point is truly a treat! However, for those that consider their pets to be part of the family sometimes have a difficult time leaving their animals behind at home, especially during long getaways. Instead of leaving your fur baby at home, bring them along! There are some great pet-friendly activities in Rocky Point that will allow you to vacation alongside your favorite family member: your pets!

Crossing the Border with Your Pet

The first step to an amazing vacation with your pet is ensuring that you can both travel across the border safely before you can even get t0 the pet friendly Rocky Point activities. According to United States and Mexican Customs and Border Patrol, you are able to bring up to three dogs across the border without paying any fees. If you are traveling with four or more pets, however, there may be a fee associated when crossing the border. You must also ensure that you bring all updated vaccination records for each pet. It is also important to note that you are not allowed to bring any dog food across the border, so you will want to make arrangements to purchase food for your dog once you reach your destination in Mexico.

Beachside Fun with your Pooch

Rocky Point’s sandy beaches are a huge draw for tourists, and one of the main reasons why this small fishing village became a bustling resort town. Unlike many American beaches, there are no restrictions on bringing pets to the beach in Rocky Point! To avoid crowds, it is ideal to head to the ocean earlier in the day to find plenty of room for you and your pet to roam! You dog will love rolling in the sand and playing in the warm waters in the Sea of Cortez. It is important to note that keeping your dog on a leash and within your sight at all times is recommended to ensure the safety of your pet.

Dining with Dogs

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in any establishment that serves food. You may be able to ask management to make an exception for you and your pet, and you may be able to dine on the patio with your dog. However, do not be offended if you are turned away. Regardless of where you dine, be sure your pet isn’t left outside or out of your sight for its safety.

Animal Fun in Rocky Point

The beach is the perfect place to bring your pet on your vacation in Rocky Point! Both you and your animals will love playing on the sandy shores and in the welcoming waves. Bring your pet along and engage in the many things to do in Rocky Point on your next trip and make sure to book yourself one of our vacation rentals!