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Sea of Cortes

The Sea of Cortes is rich with history, from the time the Spaniards sailed the high seas in search of treasure and a new world. In modern times, it’s overflowing with a strong ecosystem of corals, sea life and fishing opportunities.

The Ecosystem

Geologists and scientists are intrigued by this area, as several wildlife species make the area home. The zone is also a paradox of sorts, as the barren deserts meets a tidy oasis – of the sea! It’s also common to watch whales during their migratory trip to the South each winter. “Amazing”– is simply an understatement.

The large and diverse scale of the ecosystem has gained note by global organizations, including the United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organization. There have been several small islands that have been declared “off-zone sites”, which mean that if you travel there, you can site-see, but you won’t be able to touch.

This is mainly due to the endangered species native to the area, including seals – you’ll see plenty of these fun-loving creatures in the Sea of Cortes. Just be careful not to get too close, as they can quickly turn aggressive.

Other rare and native species plentiful to the Sea of Cortes is the Flying Mobula and even porpoises.

Due to the large scale ecosphere, several scientific stations have been built in Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco, where you can learn about the ecology and geography of the region. It’s a fun activity to do with children, or even as adults.

Popular Activities at the Sea of Cortes

It’s also known as the Gulf of California, and there are a range of activities to partake in, from adrenaline producing parasailing to calming sun-lounging on the beach. There are opportunities for all. You can scuba dive, take a sightseeing tour, jet ski, kite surf and so much more.

Other Fun Facts about the Sea of Cortes

  • This sea is also dubbed as the “World’s Aquarium”. There are literally thousands of species in the region.
  • It’s one of our planet’s youngest seas, as a result of volcanic activity dating millions of years ago.
  • The sea however, is not your typical run-of-the-mill beach town, as the tides can quickly shift to strong currents. As a result, it’s important to pay attention to the weather advisories when entering the water on your own.

Plan your next great vacation with enriching studies about marine wildlife at the Sea of Cortes.