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The Hottest and Newest Restaurants in Rocky Point

Rocky Point has long been one of the most visited places in Mexico. The beaches, unbeatable weather, and the beautiful culture have made it such a fun and exciting place to visit. But the food is among the best things about a trip to Rocky Point. You can find every type of food from authentic Mexican cuisine to American cuisine. There are new restaurants popping up all the time since food is such a huge part of the culture here. Here are some of the newest and hottest restaurants in Rocky Point.

Mare Blu

If you are looking for something a little different among all of the authentic Mexican eateries, then Mare Blu is the place for you. This is an upscale restaurant where you will find the best Italian food in town. The seafood is also to die for! Some of the signature dishes here include manicotti, crab stuffed ravioli, classic lasagna, and so much more.

Along with the amazing food that you can enjoy here, you can enjoy one of the most tranquil environments in town, induced by the well-appointed dining rooms and live music in the evenings. You might not think of Italian food when you think of Rocky Point, but Mare Blu will change that.

Pollo Lucas

Rocky Point is a place where you can find some of the most deliciously prepared meat that you will find anywhere. There is perhaps no place that serves as a better testament to this than Pollo Lucas. As it is located on the main street on the way into town, Pollo Lucas is a must for every visit to Rocky Point. Obviously, the chicken here is amazing. But they serve other things to perfection as well, such as the beans, pickled onions, and warm, fresh tortillas.

Los Poblanos

This is the place to go if you are looking to have some of the best tacos that you have ever had in your life. Los Poblanos is a charming little shop in the center of town that is a favorite of the locals here. Incredibly delicious meats paired with fresh plates of onions, cilantro, and just about every other garnish you could want make it an experience where you can basically create your own taco from scratch. The meat is always fresh and delicious and you can enjoy it in a family friendly environment.

FMI Rentals

You will come to Rocky Point for the beaches and the weather, but after you try the food, you will want to come back every weekend to get a taste. New restaurants are always popping up throughout the town so make sure you explore so you can get the best that Rocky Point cuisine has to offer. Contact FMI Rentals today to start planning your visit!