fisherman fishing off rocks

Whether you’re fishing for sport or pleasure, Rocky Point’s seas are ideal for this pastime. Rocky Point, which is also known as Puerto Penasco, is a small yet fun-packed paradise connecting California and Mexico. Arizona is a few kilometers away. Both locals and tourists enjoy the bounty of its natural resources, including sun, sand, and sea – and plenty of saltwater fish.

Here is some fishing in Puerto Penasco details regarding price, seasons, legalities and more:

What’s the Best Time to Fish in Rocky Point?

Fishing in Rocky Point can be done year-round, but during the wintry seasons, most of the fish migrate to warmer climates. The desert winds are also unpleasant and dangerous for fishing during this time of year. The winter climate is mild compared to the rest of North America, with temperatures hinging in the mid-fifties. Local Rocky Point fishermen, therefore, recommend booking your next fishing trip either in the spring or summer months.

Do you need to be an Expert Angler to Fish in Rocky Point?

First-timers and seasoned anglers enjoy the sport of throwing a line and making a catch. One tip would be to invest in a good pair of polarized lenses, which allow wearers to see under the water, even with the sun glaring atop the water. There are furthermore guided charters available, from small-scale to larger companies.

Affordable Charters

testWant to experience the thrill of deep-sea fishing in Rocky Point? It doesn’t have to break the bank. There are charter boats that can be rented for as little as $33 to $98 (pesos) per day. These range from small to large charters. In addition, fishing aficionados who spend days out on the sea can also purchase their own boats for approximately $300 to $2000 pesos. Boat permits can be acquired in the locale, or in San Diego, California.

Types of Fish

What’s the big catch? These seas are swarming with schools of delicious red snappers, halibut, bass, trout, and other fish, which you can catch, freeze, or cook on spot. Dolphins and marlin are also popular bites, but there may be some restrictions to catching and keeping this wildlife.

Permits Required to Fish in Rocky Point

Visitors will not need a permit while fishing by the shoreline. On the other hand, deep-sea fishing participants, even those who are simply spectating, will need to purchase a permit at the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix.

Take a Rocky Point fishing vacation, and relax under the beautiful sunset of Puerto Penasco’s warm and sunny landscapes today.