There are few experiences that parallel a vacation amidst the beauty of Puerto Peñasco, and even fewer that can convey the overwhelming sense of peace and relaxation that comes with taking to the shimmering waters of the Sea of Cortez in a kayak. Similar to a canoe, a kayak is a small boat that allows either a single rider or two riders to paddle facing forward, using a double-bladed paddle.

In Rocky Point, the currents are generally calmer, and lack the large waves that you might find in other areas, making this town the ideal places for water-based sports such as kayaking. A popular activity in Rocky Point, kayaking is not only an incredibly fun workout, but it’s also a terrific way to immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural environment of the area, from picturesque sunsets to tranquil estuaries. Read on to learn more about the best places to kayak in Rocky!

The Best Places to Kayak in Rocky Point

There are multiple options for visitors interested in exploring Rocky Point by kayak. Generally, you can kayak on your own, or you can hire a kayaking guide to lead you on a certain route. Most Rocky Point vendors have kayak rentals, and some will even deliver to your vacation home or condo! The majority of kayaks also have fishing pole holders, so you can fish in some of the most scenic spots in all of Rocky Point. No matter whether you choose to travel solo or with the assistance of someone who is more experienced, you’ll have no trouble finding equipment.

One route that most Rocky Point kayaking experts enjoy leads from La Jolla Beach to Sandy Beach, though if you consult a guide, many of them will share alternate routes with you that travel to anywhere you wish to see. In the local estuaries, you can observe unique plants and animals that are only found in Rocky Point. Nearby reefs make for bountiful fishing, while Bird Island is the perfect place to tour by kayak.

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