Not only is Puerto Peñasco, Mexico a gorgeous place to visit, but it’s also brimming with activities that travelers ranging from kids to kids-at-heart will love! With its abundance of spectacular wildlife, diverse landscapes, thrilling water-based sports, and a quaint beach town atmosphere, there’s a reason that Rocky Point continues to attract visitors each  Family traditions are often started here, with Rocky Point serving as one of the premier vacation destinations for families living in the Southwestern United States and beyond. Read on to find out more about all the family-friendly things to do in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

Fun Activities for the Whole Family

One of the most popular of Puerto Penasco, Mexico’s things to do that anyone will enjoy is taking a ride on the famous banana boats, which are giant inflatable water sleds that are towed behind speed boats. You can generally request for a smoother or bumpier ride from your boat operator, adding additional thrills to the experience. Afterwards, you can relax on the beach and play in the sand.

The local estuaries here have kayaking tours that showcase the natural landscape and marine life, all as a part of the CEDO, which is the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (or Centro Intercultural de Estudios de Desiertos y Océanos in Spanish).

One of our favorite things to do in Puerto Penasco is visiting Bird Island, or Isla San Jorge,  an island known for its dense population of birds and sea lions. You can see the island up close by swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, and more.

For a change of pace from being near the ocean, you can always hike in the biosphere reserve known as El Pinacate, which is one of the most important and biggest biosphere reserves in all of North America. Crater Elegante is a giant crater that you can see and explore, while the lava formations near the Pinacate Mountains are truly a site to behold. There are also endangered animals that you can safely observe, such as the Sonoran Pronghorn.

Feeding Your Hungry Family

At some point during all the family friendly fun you will be having on your Rocky Point vacation, the kids are going to start getting a little cranky, grouchy, and whiny. You forgot about eating, and now you need to find a family friendly restaurant STAT! Tiny stomachs may be less adventurous than the adult versions, so said restaurant must include kid-pleasing, mild tasting dishes that aren’t “too weird” as well, and while this may seem like a tall order, in reality it will be quite simple.

Children and family are treasured south of the border, and it will be quite obvious when visiting Al Capones Seafood and Pizza. All kids LOVE pizza, don’t they? Candy Cakes bakery is guaranteed to be a hit with children of all ages as well. Pancakes, pastries, and sugary sweet donuts that have no calories (because you’re on vacation!) are on the menu of this super sweet restaurant.

Playing in Puerto Peñasco

The fun never ends on your familia style vacation in Mexico. Even if you’re just hanging by the pool in your FMI Rentals Resort vacation home, you’re guaranteed to have a blast! Lounge on chaises by the pool as your kids practice their cannonballs, or challenge them to a video game competition in one of the game rooms. The only vacation rule is the one that says FUN RULES!

Families with older children may appreciate a day of ATV riding. ATV’s are prohibited on city beaches, and the police ARE watching, so stick to the areas where it is allowed. Competition Hill behind Cholla Bay is one of the best riding spots; rent your ATV from Adventures in Rocky Point and let the games begin!

Plan a Beach Day

Spending time on the beaches in Rocky Point may become your favorite way to draw your family closer together. Young children will be fascinated by the tide pools and the creatures that live in them. Playa Hermosa Beach is the best place for this activity; our kids have actually found tiny octopi there! Sandy Beach is a breathtaking combination of tan sand, blue waters, and the black rocks that gave this region its name. It is a great place to walk, explore, and see what kind of treasures can be found.

Your FMI Rentals vacation home is close enough to at least one of these beaches. If within walking distance, get a little extra exercise and walk to the beach together. Chances are your calorie intake will be a little higher than normal, and this is one way to keep the vacation LBs from creeping on!

FMI Rentals – Your Rocky Point Connection

Nothing sweetens an exotic beach town like Puerto Peñasco like staying in the luxurious comfort of your own beach home or condo, sharing moments with your loved ones that you will all cherish for years to come. At FMI Rentals, we offer a vast selection of vacation homes and condos that are available for your vacation needs, whether you’re traveling with just the kids or planning a family reunion.

Contact our reservation specialists today to learn more information about the fantastic vacation rental properties that we have, how our vacation rental process works, or even just general information on what you can expect during your stay in Rocky Point.