Puerto Peñasco fishing is one of the most popular activities to do in the area. Locals and tourists alike join in the event off the coast of Rocky Point because it offers opportunities for very good catches by pro wranglers and novices alike. As long as you know the best times of the year to head out, you are bound to end up with quite a bounty after your trip out on the ocean.

Shore Fishing

Whether you are looking to cast your line from the pier or venture out onto the great blue, sport fishing in Puerto Peñasco offers many great opportunities. Spring and summer boast the best times of the year to fish, but you can catch things year round. If you are looking to fish from the shore, you can catch a number of different fish hiding along the coast. You can find an abundance of rock bass and triggerfish along the coast. The best places to cast from shore will be ports or estuaries, as they are prime areas that fish love to hang out. If the fish end up getting the better of you, make sure you visit any of the local fisherman who sell their catch of the day.

Boat Fishing

If you are look for more of an excursion for your Rocky Point fishing trips, there are many fishing charter boats for you to choose from. Along with the rock bass and triggerfish, you can also find grouper, sierra, yellowtail and more, but boat fishing opens up to bigger fish and normally the trips last several hours long. If you bring your own boat to take out, make sure you look into a boat permit. They are purchased for a specific length of time and depend on the size of your boat. These permits range from $30 to $100, so make sure you look into the size of your boat in advance of your trip. With this method you are bound to catch something huge!

Watch the Tides

Either with shore or boat fishing you need to make sure you pay attention to the tides. If you are fishing from the shore, it is best to do it when the tide is either going in or going out and when the high tide and low tides fluctuate the most. If you would like more info on Puerto Peñasco fishing, please visit our website or give our offices a call. We’d be happy to help you plan your Rocky Point fishing trips!

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