In the past few years, Rocky has become a very popular and favorite destination for those with an adventurous spirit. For those, relaxing in the sun along the beach isn’t enough. However, Rocky Point offers all kinds of adventurous activities for everyone. For the more spirited vacationer, this beautiful town offers snorkeling, diving, and scuba diving in Rocky Point.

Rocky Point is noted for the “largest aquarium in the world” under the waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez. After taking a view dive, you’ll really enjoy all the diversity of sea life in the crystal blue waters of the sea.

Rocky Point Scuba Diving Adventures

If you like dive straight from the beach, Tucson Beach, Mirador, Golden Beach and Las Conchas, are the best places to dive If you’d rather do your scuba diving from a boat, there are companies located by the marina (for example, Cholla Bay and Island San Jorge), that provide excellent service at great prices.

Aquatic Adventures can actually teach you how to scuba dive. You’ll also meet some new dive buddies and experience scuba diving at its best in Rocky Point. The provide some of the best diving services in Rocky Point. They have a friendly staff that will provide you with a memorable diving experience.

The warm waters of Sandy Beach are also ideal for snorkeling, but be sure check out the tide schedule before you engage in any diving activities. This allows you to choose the best time of day to go for a dive. In Rocky Point, you’ll find that the spring tides are excellent times to dive. Keep in mind that the tide in Rocky Point rises and falls every 6 hours.

Whether you’re an expert diver or not, Rocky Point Scuba Diving offers plenty of great places to dive and you can practically take your pick. Just remember to be safe, and have a great diving experience in Mexico!

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