Rocky Point is a great get away – it has luxury homes (that you can book by clicking here), a beautiful beach and quality food – so why not add some quality sports to the mix? Thanks to the local teams of Mexico and the variety of quality pickup games, you don’t need to leave your favorite sport at home. Pack your bat and mitt and get ready to have a great vacation that covers all the bases.

Introducing the Rocky Point Favorite, the Tiburones!

The Tiburones are the most acclaimed team in Rocky Point as they deliver a baseball experience like no other. These sharks (the literal translation of their name) are hosted at Francisco Leon Garia Stadium beside Plaza la Madre. And guess what, you can get into a baseball game for less than $5! The food is a steal too; we’re talking hotdogs, tacos, and beer for a couple bucks each. You don’t need to watch your wallet like you might at a home baseball game; this vacation spot truly is deal. If you’re visiting in summer there will a couple of games each weekend from April through mid-July, otherwise, check out some of the pick-up games. Trust us; Rocky Point baseball has never been as fun as with the Tiburones!

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Off-Season Baseball Fun

Since pro baseball is seasonal, you’re in luck that casual ball never goes out of style. The municipal athletic field host pick-up games and organized city team competition, meaning you can play b-ball yourself or watch a fun game even during off-season, and these city games can get quite intense! This location  is easy to find, it’s behind the main baseballs stadium , right beside the entrance to town.  Swing by on the weekend and see what’s happening. This is a great way to make new friends and feel like you’re a part of the community.

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Rep Your Favorite Rocky Point Team

While visiting be sure to pick up a Tiburones jersey or hat to show to all your friends back home. It’s hard to pass up this souvenir, after all, what’s better than a red and white jersey featuring a big blue shark and Mexican sponsorship along the likes of teacate beer? Also, they make great gifts!

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Now though you know a bit about Rocky Point’s baseball options all you have to do is check them out. Baseball is a universally loved sport for a reason, so rest easy that this game is roaring good time even out of the country.