Know Your Area

A huge factor in where you stay on vacation is location. You want to be somewhere with a great atmosphere with activities that aren’t too far away. This guide will show you the popular places of the greater Rocky Point area and tell you what each one is all about. After reading, you’ll know the activities and vibe that represents each area and be able to decide which one resonates with you most!

Peaceful Homes

Las Conchas is one of the best places to visit in Mexico when you want to lay down your head with peace of mind. It’s a large gated community, full of friendly faces just 12 minutes from town. These houses share the look of Mexican architecture with its distinctive shapes and crème colors. The beach of Las Conchas isn’t far from any of these rental options and runs nearly all the way to town, stopping just a couple miles shy. Because this area is more isolated, you’ll have more peace and quiet.

Right Beside Town

Sandy Beach is what people think of when they hear Mexico vacation rentals; seaside houses with a view unparalleled. Costa Diamante is a gated community popular in the area and even more important is the area is just 5 minutes from town. If you want accessibility to Rocky Point, all other details aside, this is the best bet!

The Cult Classic

Cholla Bay is a name almost everyone knows because it’s arguably the best vacation spot in Mexico. This a place you will crave after leaving, so make sure to get your fix while you can. The beach is great, but the area is best known for the beloved JJ’s Cantina, the home of great food and live music. JJ’s and Cholla Bay go hand in hand, you likely won’t hear of one without the other. Regarding the beach, one thing to note is Cholla Bay has a bit more trash than some of the other beaches around Rocky Point, but beyond that, it’s great!

Map it Out

Rocky Point is hailed as one of the best cities in Mexico to vacation, but it’s outskirt areas offer great neighborhoods to rent. From this short read, you now know several options and aren’t too far from becoming a Rocky Point geography expert.