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Celebrate the Lives of our Departed During All Saints Day in Mexico

candle-1216603_1920Every November, people celebrate the lives of those they have lost during All Saints Day in Mexico. Mexican tradition states that the souls of the deceased return to our world on November first and second every year. This tradition is traced back to Mexico’s Catholic heritage and it is a time where the church commemorates the dead by praying for their souls.

As one of the most popular holidays in Mexico, this event is always an exciting time. Local residents will visit family graves and set up altars in their home to honor their departed loved ones. These altars and similar set ups will be seen throughout all of Mexico. During this holiday, markets and shops sell toys, candy, paper wreaths, and seasonal flowers, which families will use to decorate cemetery graves. During this time, families will often host large gatherings, featuring a large variety of different Mexican dishes and drinks which are also placed at the altars as offerings.

Along with honoring the dead at graves and in altars, locals will don wooden masks and dance in honor of the deceased. Wooden skulls are placed on steps and sugar skulls are sculpted with the names of the departed and often consumed by their loved ones.

This unique holiday is a sight to see. The entire country will transform in order to celebrate life. If you would like to see this amazing event, or learn more about the holidays in Mexico, please take a look through our website for more information.