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Christmas in Rocky Point – Christmas by the Beach

Christmas in Rocky PointA traditional Christmas celebration usually involves family gathering by the fireplace, opening presents left under the Christmas tree, and a delicious Christmas feast. Although Christmas can be a fun time for celebrating with the whole family, it is often a lot of prep and clean up to get the whole family together for Christmas. Enjoy the holiday season by getting a change of scenery and going on a fun vacation instead!

While most people looking for a Christmas vacation spend their time shivering on the ski slopes, head down south to the gorgeous sandy beaches of Rocky Point, Mexico! The laid back atmosphere of Rocky Point along with the warm weather will make for a great Christmas vacation that the whole family will enjoy!

Off Season in Paradise

One of the best reasons to enjoy Christmas in Rocky Point is the time of year. Most people vacation in Rocky Point during the summer months, and many locals know that the busy season is April through October. Visiting in December not only means that prices will be lower, but that the beaches will be less crowded and the local shops and restaurants won’t be full of flocks of tourists.

However, the weather is still gorgeous. You can expect the waters to be chillier than during the summer months, but the temperature in the air averages around 70 degrees. Those traveling from areas with cold, snowy winters will enjoy their warm vacation. Head back home with a tan and an adventure from your Christmas vacation in Rocky Point!

Activities and Adventure

Looking for an exciting adventure in a Mexican beach town? Spend your Christmas vacation renting jet skis, going snorkeling, or interacting with wildlife at Bird Island. The waters may be a little colder than usual, but they are still pleasant enough to enjoy all the fun beach activities. If you would rather enjoy familiar Christmas celebrations with a local twist, Rocky Point offers fun sights and shows for the whole family to enjoy.

The town of Rocky Point sets up a delightful spectacle of holiday lights in the Plaza de la Madre. Your family can attend the exciting lighting ceremony, or simply enjoy the lights in the park. There is also a wide variety of local concerts that feature Christmas carols and songs in both Spanish and English. Although not a traditional choice, spending Christmas in Rocky Point will be a fun experience for the entire family!

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