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The 105th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution in Puerto Peñasco

feliz_dia_de_la_revolucion_mexico-1From 1910 to 1920, a major struggle occurred that radically transformed Mexican culture and government. The 1910 general election consisted of a presidential race between 35 year incumbent president Porfirio Diaz and Francisco Madero. Porfirio was a longtime leader of the country and was battling claims of abuse of power and rebellion from the people of Mexico. To solve his problem, he created and rigged the presidential race to have the appearance that he was elected rather than just seizing power. Upon discovering the results of the election, the people of Mexico revolted, and the Mexican Revolution began.

To celebrate this momentous anniversary, the city of Puerto Peñasco puts on a parade every year to demonstrate the strife the Mexican people went through during this event. The event will include an official ceremony to begin the 105th anniversary. The official ceremony will begin with the raising of the flag in front of city hall before the beginning of the parade. The parade will depart from City Hall, making its way along Blvd. Juarez before wrapping up at the Francisco Leon Garcia Baseball Stadium, which will host more events following the parade. These events will include cultural displays such as dancing and music.

As one of the most historical events in Mexico, this event is really special, showcasing locals’ respect for their humble beginnings and their rise out of the oppression that accompanied the Porfirio regime. Please call or visit our website for more information on this event, or any other of Mexico’s historical events.

By Ute Hagen (Flickr: ¡Feliz Dia de la Revolucion Mexico!) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons